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TwisterCane BioFoam Hiking Seat


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TwisterCane™ BioFoam Hiking Seats are engineered for ultralight backcountry summer trips to high alpine winter conditions. The closed-cell foam technology provides a firm, cushioned barrier between you and the ground; smooth on one side with a tire tread pattern on the other. Made from sugarcane biomass in a process that removes carbon from the atmosphere and sourced in an environmentally sustainable manner.



More environmentally conscious material with unique EVA foam that contains more than 60% sustainably grown sugarcane resin. The sugarcane resin we source is derived from sugarcane grown and harvested in an environmentally sustainable manner, and audited by a third party. A comfortable backcountry seat or for kneeling on uneven ground, adding protection from dirt, wet grass, or snow. Provides a firm, insulated barrier with closed-cell foam technology and balance between warmth and comfort with die-cut peaks and heat-trapping valleys. More warmth and comfort with two foam layers of texture for option of dimples up or dimples down. Light enough to carry anywhere and makes a great bleacher seat for spectator events. Rolls tight to save space and weight. Durable and long lasting.

Construction + Materials

Unique EVA foam contains more than 60% sustainably grown sugarcane resin.