Valley and Peak Insulated Pouch

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Insulated Pouch


Cold weather can cause reductions in battery power, whether that is your phone, power pack or camera batteries. The insulated pouch is made from silky soft nylon taffeta and Climashield Apex insulation. Put your batteries and gadgets into the Insulated pouch and place in your sleeping bag or quilt to keep them warm and dry ready for their next usage. No need now to have loose items or uncomfortable stuff sacks in your bag or quilt any longer.  Also good for camping gas canisters or any item that needs to be kept warm. Hook and loop tape keeps the pouch closed.

The Valley and Peak Insulated Pouch Will Keep All Your Electronic Gadgets, Batteries, Chargers and Mobiles Warm In Cold Weather So There is No Reduction in Power.  Made From Super Soft Nylon Taffeta Material and Insulated With Climashield Apex it Can Be Placed In Your Sleeping Bag to Keep Warm Overnight When Camping.

'The Insulated pouch for batteries was great, used it every night in my sleeping bag and stuffed all the electronics in during the day'

Ash Routen - Arctic Traveller and Freelance Writer

Dual Use for rehydrating food.

Working on the principle that all good Ultra light Backpackers will try and find more than one use for each piece of equipment carried to save weight, you can use the Insulated Pouch to keep your Food pouches piping hot while rehydrating the food and when eating.  A couple of large re-useable bags to keep the Pouch clean are now included when you purchase the Insulated Pouch.  A  quick 'how to' video below shows you.



 L = 27  cm x W = 20 cm (10.5 inches x 7.5 inches). weighs 27g (1 oz)