Sea to Summit Airlite Towels

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The Airlite fabric is 50% lighter than than Sea to Summit's Pocket Towel™.

Made from microfibre yarn allowing it to absorb over three times its weight in water. The low fabric weight results in a high surface area making the Airlite their fastest drying towel. After use, simply tie it to your backpack and it will dry in no time.

By laser-cutting the edge instead of over-locking, we have further reduced the exceptionally small packed size so it fits easily in a backpack waist belt, gym bag or travel tote.

The storage stuff sack is connected with a press stud to keep them together and can be disconnected during use. When hanging the towel, reconnect the stuff sack and hang on the webbing strap. They are colour-matched to the towel and clearly labelled for easy identification.


  • Fast drying

  • Tiny packed size

  • 40% lighter than our Pocket Towel™

  • Easy storage in its 15D Nylon stuff sack

  • Elongated proportions for dual use as a bandanna or for neck protection

  • Perfect for sweat management during sport

  • Doubles as an ultralight dishcloth

  • Towel: 85% Polyester, 15% Nylon, Stuff Sack: 100% Nylon excluding Trims

  • What We Think

    This is the lightest, fastest drying travel towel we can find. Packs very small, so you won't take up space in your backpack.

  • Specifications

    Towel: 85% Polyester, 15% Nylon

    Stuff Sack: 100% Nylon excluding Trims

    Small: 36 x 36 cm, Medium: 36 x 84 cm, Large: 45 x 108 cm, XLarge: 54 x 132 cm
    Small: 10 g, Medium: 28 g, Large: 42 g, XLarge: 66 g (Weights exclude pouch)