Bar Tensioners - two sizes ( 2 and 3 mm ) sold in packs of 8

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Bar Tensioners are the strongest holding, easiest to use line tensioners made. They will immediately replace any line tensioner you are currently using.  Made in the USA, using the best materials.      
Lawson Bar Tensioners are the Strongest Holding, Easiest to Use Line Tensioners made. Lawson Bar Tensioners will Immediately Replace any Line Tensioner you are Currently Using. Made in the USA Using the Best Materials - 6061 Aluminium not Plastic. Will Last a Very Long Time. Valley and Peak Supply them in Packs of 8's 

Materials & Technical Details

6061 T-6 Aluminium.  Tumbled until they are silky smooth. 
For 2mm +/- cords: Weight: 2.65 grams 
For 3mm +/- cords: Weight 5 grams 
SOLD in packs on 8's

How to use:

Thread the end of the cord through one hole and then back through the other hole making a U.  Tie a knot.  To pull tensioner tight you side up the line.  To loosen tension, twist the tensioner.  Thats it.  They are that easy to use.  

What Lawson say about their Bar Tensioners

Lawson line tensioners  are made out of aerospace aluminium, not plastic so they will last forever and be extremely strong.  They are easier to use and hold better than other line tensioner on the market.