Eifel Outdoor Equipment Lithium Gas Stove (CLEARANCE)

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One of the lightest stoves in the world. Only 44 grams in weight but it packs a real punch

Yet, its outstanding feature is the revolutionary pack size: It folds down to the mere size of a lipstick! The Lithium has a Titanium body and wire gas control dial. The Lithium screws directly on to the top of a gas canister (not included). Great for fast-packers, adventure racers , UL backpackers and quick overnights.

Comes with small stuff sack.

  • Specifications

    Weight: 44g

    Burn time: (max flame) 180g/h (Propane/Butane)

    Average Boil Time: 4min/ 1l Water

    Power output: 2800 W