Eifel Outdoor Equipment Thorium Petrol Stove


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Ultra lightweight small petrol stove. With Eifel's first petrol stove they set new standards with respect to the weight - with 230g including the pump. Also, the pack size is impressive compared to the large cooking surface in the unfolded state. Its strengths come into play where it can be difficult to find a suitable gas cartridges, or when things get really cold.

Includes stove, fuel pump, 300 ml fuel bottle ( with child safe cap), repair and maintenance kit and stuff sack.

Can run on petrol, paraffin (Kerosene) and White gas (Coleman Fuel)

  • Specifications

    Weight: 230g

    Dimensions:178 X 84mm / 80 X 84mm

    Burn time:(max flame)114g/h 10g/1 litre of water with white gas (Coleman fuel)

    Average Boil Time: 3:50min/ 1 litre of water

    Power: 3200 W