Eifel Outdoor Equipment Vanadium Remote Canister Stove

£21.83 £31.20

The Vanadium is Eifel's powerhouse: the best performing EOE stove. It features a Piezoelectric igniter and a wide supporting surface for large pots and pans. Ideal for 2+ person trips it is still light and compact enough for the solo camper. Valley and Peak's own in house test show that Vanadium can bring 0.5 litre of water to the boil in just 2 minute 18 seconds but only used 8g of gas.

Team the Vanadium with the Magpie Windshield to stop strong breezes and cut down on boil times.

  • Specifications

    Weight: 250g

    Burn time: (max flame)220g/h (Propane/Butane)

    Average Boil Time: 3min/ 1litres Water

    Power: 3500 W