Klymit Insulated V Ultralite SL

By Klymit

R- Value 4.4

Weighs 451g

No other sleeping mat offers more warmth and ultralight surface area for the price. Finding the right backpacking and camping gear is usually a game of sacrifices, but when it comes to the way you sleep, we say go ahead and spoil yourself. With the Insulated V Ultralite™, you can count grams and still get it all: Klymalite™ lofted synthetic insulation, a roomy V-Chambered surface to sleep on from head-to-toe, and a price that’ll make you smile.

  • Features

    Made from 20D Polyester to save weight.

    Raised V- Chambers create ultra - comfortable loft pockets that support your body's pressure points from head to toes, giving side, bark and stomach sleepers a generous bed of air.

    Deep Welds between the air chambers maximise the loft and warmth of your sleeping bag.

    Dynamic side rails keep you centred on the mat all night

    Support and comfort no matter how you sleep- on your side, back or stomach

    High quality, durable fabrics are soft against your skin, quiet to sleep on and easily to pack down to a small size.

    An antimicrobial inner-lining resists harsh environmental factors including condensation, so your mat can perform for years to come

    Easy inflation inflate in 7-10 breaths or use the Klymit rapid air pump

    Lifetime warranty on every sleeping mat

  • Specifications

    Weight: 454 g

    Dimensions: 183 x 51 x 6 cm (72 x 20 x 2.5 inches) Packed Dimensions: 18 x 11 cm (7 x 4.5 inches )

    Shell Material: 20D polyester

    R-Value: 4.4

    Warranty: Lifetime