Lawson Equipment Apex Tent Stakes


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Lawson Equipment make high quality tent pegs/stakes that are very well respected by backpackers and campers in the USA. Now  these are available from Valley and Peak. Apex stakes are made using Aerospace Grade 7075 T-6 aluminium, which is one of the strongest aluminium alloys made.  This Alloy is commonly used to make Airplanes, Climbing Equipment, Bicycle Components and many Military Weapons.

Apex stakes are designed to be very versatile and work equally well in hard rocky soils, soft soils, sand, light snow, forests, etc.   The surface finish is left natural as it increases the holding power of the stakes.  For those of you who set your tent up in bottomless sand or snow we recommend tying them around the middle and bury as deep as you like.   Designed, and manufactured in the USA.


19 cm x 2 cm (7.5"x .90") 15 grams - Available in packs of 4 

23 cm x 2.6 cm (9" x 1.05") 28 grams  - Available in packs of 4