Lightwave S15 Sigma Tent


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The Lightwave S15 Sigma is a large 1 person 4 season tent weighing just 1320g A single skin tent made from the excellent X-tex fabric which is highly breathable and waterproof.

The S15 Sigma is a 4 season and is the first of a new generation of single-wall tents where it can be truly said that condensation is no longer a problem due to the technically advanced X-tex fabric.

The S15 Sigma is a simple 2-pole dome with an additional brow pole to increase internal volume and height. It has one roomy porch and can be pitched quickly requiring a minimum of pegging to secure it. 

  • Specifications


    70 g/m² 20d nylon ripstop

    X-tex coating 20,000 mm hydrostatic head

    Multiple guy points

    Continuous pole sleeves

    The Sigma tents are defined by the X-tex fabric used for the flysheet. This is unique to Lightwave and has an astonishing ability to manage the condensation that has plagued single-wall tent designs in the past. The X-tex fabric is heavier than most flysheets due to its coating, but the result is a hydrostatic head (i.e. waterproofness) that is far higher than the standard 3000-5000 mm found in nearly all tents. The coating always feels dry to the touch and is also quite light impermeable.

    Porch wall

    51 g/m2, 20d nylon 6.6 ripstop,

    Silicon-coated on both sides, 3000 mm hydrostatic head

    The porch of the sigma tents uses the same lightweight silicon-coated fabric used on our hyper and ultra ranges. Silicon-coated fabrics are the most durable and long-lasting available, particularly when minimum weight is also an important criterion.


    70 g/m² 40d ripstop nylon

    TPU-laminated with 10,000 mm hydrostatic head

    Bath-tub construction with reinforced corners and taped seams

    The Sigma groundsheet is made from a durable 40-denier taffeta. The 40-denier fabric is a reasonable balance between the need to save weight and provide adequate protection from abrasion and moisture. With most of our tents, we don’t generally advocate the use of a footprint, but we recommend this where it is appropriate to do so – in other words, when you know ground conditions are going to be harsh, or carrying the extra weight is not so critical.

    Inner wall

    25g/m2, 20d nylon 6.6 ripstop, DWR treated Mesh window


    DAC Featherlite (aluminium alloy) 8.70 mm

    Lightwave use the DAC Featherlite poles on the Sigma tents simply because these have proved themselves time and again as the most reliable of the lighter weight alloys (ie non 7001-T6 alloy which is employed in probably 90% of all backpacking tents in the world.)


    Lightning pegs, 11 g each, square section

    Flash pegs, 7 g each, rectangular section

    Pegs are very important – without them, no tent could withstand anything more than the slightest breeze. Sigma tents use the Lightning peg – similar in weight to most standard pegs, but substantially stronger and capable of living with some serious abuse. Costing four times as much as normal wire pegs, these are seldom seen on all but the most highly specified and expensive tents. Supplementing these for non-critical peg-points are our Flash pegs (which are literally “half a Lightning" peg).


    2.00 mm nylon, 3 m length, Line-lok adjusters