Luxe Outdoor Oasis 6 Person Hot Tent


The Luxe Oasis is a handy versatile tent for those outdoor adventures. The Oasis can be used as a shelter for 4-6 people, and as a tent with the detachable ground sheet and inner tent. 

Need a base camp, or place to cook from, or remote office? This is ideal plus it has hot tent capability with the stove jack already installed.

No need to worry about the tent/shelter getting too hot as it is designed to ventilate air with a space at the bottom and top of the front door. Put your small belongings away in the multi storage pocket and relax after your day of activities. 

Additionally the two doors can be pitched as entrance-tarps to create even more protected space. If needed, the included floor can easily be clicked in place, same as the detachable organiser with four large mesh pockets.

The replaceable stove jack is held in place by velcro, the cover panel is sewed to the tent and can be nicely stored away to the side. Please note that due to the location of the stove jack we recommend the flue pipe with a 45 degree elbow to exit through the jack, thus creating a proper distance from the tent fabric.

Two mesh vents over the doors, the two mesh side vents and the huge mesh doors can be used to create good of airflow if wanted, without letting insects inside the tent.

For providing a good wind stability, the Oasis Shelter is delivered with 16 pcs Y-style aluminium pegs and 8 guylines with cleat tensioners.

Luxe Oasis Features:

  • Multi storage pockets
  • Hidden door cover
  • Upper and lower ventilation vents
  • Detatchable Ground Sheet
  • Pitch without inner tent as a shelter for 4-6 people
  • 3 Season
  • Sleeps 2-3 people

Luxe Oasis Specifications:

  • Weight: +/- 4.4kg
  • Height: 135 cm
  • Width: 220 cm
  • Length: 300 cm

You place the stove inside the shelter at entirely your own risk.

The fabric in the shelter meets CPAI-84 the standard for flammability of recreational tents as set by the Industrial Fabrics Association International. The name CPAI stands for Canvas Products Association International, which used to be the name of IFAI.

Safety advice: Please note your safety is important. Therefore use of a stove in this tent is at your own risk. Please ensure there is always ventilation and air flow when using a stove or heater inside this tent. Make sure the supporting guys are taught and any flammable material is kept clear of your heat source. We recommended that you completely extinguish your fire ensuring there are no smouldering embers before closing off tent vents. This will prevent the build-up of the poisonous carbon monoxide while you sleep. If in doubt, please purchase a Carbon Monoxide detector and ensure the batteries are always in good working order.