MSR Trail Lite 1.3L Pot

$46.00 $55.00

Light, rugged, reliable pot for simple meals favoured by solo backpackers.

Light and strong thanks to its quality hard-anodised aluminium construction, the Trail Lite 1.3 Litre backpacking pot is a solid foundation to the cook kits of solo travellers. Offering the heat distribution of aluminium, and scratch-resistant durability, this pot is great for water-boiling and one-pot meals, whether you’re searching for solitude in the wilderness or linking up with a larger posse. Its compact shape and folding/locking handle help the pot fit easily in smaller packs, so you can move quickly to cover the miles.

  • Lasting:

    Quality hard-anodised aluminium construction delivers worry-free durability you can trust.

  • Efficient:

    Optimal thickness delivers light weight and disperses heat more evenly.

  • Compact:

    Offers capacity for 1-2 backpackers in a space-saving design that slips easily into smaller packs.

  • Packable:

    Room to nest a mug and utensils, or a small stove; folding/locking pot handle.

  • Size - 1.3L

    Weight - 200g

    Packed Size - 14.5 x 15.0 x 10.2 cm