Nordisk Halland 2 PU 2 Person Backpacking Tent

By Nordisk

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The trekkers choice

Halland 2 PU is a spacious and strong tent for two, who do not want to compromise on comfort nor function. The simple two-pole construction makes it easy and fast to pitch – and to pack it back down. It is made from durable ripstop polyester fabric that will keep you safe and dry for years without wearing out and we are sure that Halland will prove to be a lifetime adventure partner.
Halland pitches outer first, meaning that you can use the flysheet as a standalone shelter without the cabin, or even more importantly; by pitching the flysheet first, you and all your gear can take shelter, while you set up the rest of the construction from the inside.
The design gives you a comfortable sitting height and plenty of room for storage, cooking and simply hanging out, with several possibilities to customize ventilation. The tunnel shaped construction provides great wind stability, making Halland a fantastic shelter against lousy weather and also a great window for watching nature through the large front opening.

  • Features

    Very easy to pitch
    Aerodynamic tunnel construction
    Outer tent can be used as a stand alone
    Easy and functional two pole architecture
    Quick and easy attachment of inner tent
    Good sit-up height
    Ventilation front and rear for full airflow
    Large inner cabin with inner pockets
    Spacious porch for extra storage and cooking
    Front door for easy access, views and ventilation

  • Specifications

    Length : 350 cm
    Width : 150 cm
    Height : 110 cm
    Inner tent
    Length : 215 cm
    Width : 130 cm
    Height : 100 cm
    Total weight : 3350 g
    Official weight : 3150 g
    Pack size
    Length: : 50 cm
    Diameter : 15 cm

    Name : Aqua Pro Lite II
    Composition : 100% Polyester
    Construction : Rip Stop
    Hydrostatic head : 3000 mm
    Colour : Dark Olive
    Inner tent
    Name : Breathable polyester
    Composition : 100% Polyester
    Hydrostatic head : 3000 mm
    Colour : White
    Ground sheet
    Name : Oxford Polyester
    Hydrostatic head : 8000 mm
    Colour : Dark Olive
    Tent accessories
    Poles : Aluminium
    Pegs : Aluminium
    Guy line : Polyester