Nordisk Oppland 2 Footprint

By Nordisk

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Take your Oppland 2 to the next level with a taylormade footprint

Not only does a footprint protect your tent, adding years to its durability, it also converts a dirty outside area to a proper storage area, by providing a clean and waterproof floor.
Another underrated feature of a footprint is directing the moist from the ground to go around your flysheet. This removes 90% of condensation from the inside of your sleeping cabin, leaving you with a dry and comfortable indoor climate, no matter the conditions outside.


  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Tailored to each Nordisk tent style
  • Covers the whole ground area
  • Protects against dirt, rocks and sharp objects
  • Specifications

    Pack sack - Pack sack with guy line and cord stopper closing

    Weight: : 600 g

    Pack size
    Length: : 42 cm
    Width : 24 cm
    Height : 4 cm