Pyramid Bug Bite Relief Pen

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For fast and effective relief from bites and stings using the soothing power of Aloe Vera, you can't go wrong with Bug Bite Relief. Now also available in a handy roll-on pen! Simple to use and pocket-sized, the pen allows for accurate and pin-pointed application onto the bite area. It's the perfect travel-sized companion for times when you forget to apply repellent. 

Bug Bite Relief cools the skin and helps to numb the pain associated with insect bites.

  • Uses Aloe Vera and local anaesthetic to help numb the pain associated with insect bites.
  • Suitable for children over 2 years old.
  • Available as a 15ml roll on pen.

Last for

Reapply as and when needed.

How to Use

Spray or apply direclty onto the affected area as soon as possible after the bite.