Pyramid Ecoguard Fabric Spray 100mls

By Pyramid

A strong, long-lasting spray that is ideal for use on backpacks, tents, outdoor kit, soft furnishings, and caravan awnings. Ecoguard fabric spray contains a natural insecticide called Pyrethrum that kills flying insects and ants on contact. The UK Health Protection Agency recommends treating room fabrics with Pyrethrum to help prevent malaria. One 100ml bottle is sufficient to treat at least 10 square metres of fabric. 

Pyramid, the manufacturer, do not recommend using the Fabric Spray on clothing or fabrics in direct contact with the skin, in line with current regulations. Ecoguard Fabric Spray is perfect for use on tents and outdoor wearable accessories such as backpacks. 

  • Kills insects on contact
  • Easy to use, suitable, backpacks, tents and soft furnishings 
  • Contains an natural insecticide derived from chrysanthemum flowers
  • DEET free ingredients
  • One application gives several days’ protection

Lasts For

Ecoguard Fabric Spray provides between 2-3 days of protection depending on weather conditions. 


Aqua, Pyrethrum 0.25% w/w, Piperonyl Butoxide, Thickener, Emulsifier, Terpineol, Essential Oils

UK Sales Only. This product cannot posted abroad