TentMeals Almond Jalfrezi Main Meal - 800 kcal

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A mild rice curry of almonds, onion, coconut and bell peppers, in a smooth, creamy coconut sauce.

Naturally instant, delicious and super healthy. Makes a convenient, high energy expedition meal and a proper dinner to look forward to at the end of a tough day.

  • - 800 kcal of high energy in every pack
  • - super lightweight at only 201g a bag (including packaging weight)
  • - quick & easy - just add hot water
  • - made with wholesome healthy ingredients and a delicious blend of natural herbs and spices
  • - designed for ultimate endurance and recovery on expeditions and camping 

All TentMeals are hand packaged in the UK with as many natural and nutritious ingredients as we can possibly cram into a bag. They exist to give you an instant meal that you can actually look forward to - something that's high energy and easy to make, but also absolutely delicious and super healthy.

Valley and Peak Stock the Complete Range of TentMeals for Supply to UK and EU Customers. Ideal for Backpacking and Wild Camping. Mild Rice Curry of Almonds, Onion, Coconut and Bell Peppers, in a Creamy Coconut Sauce. Delicious and Super Healthy Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians. Makes a Convenient, High Energy Meal. 800kcal.

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