Ultra Bivy with Top Zip

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The Ultra Bivy is designed with a three quarter length centre zip and ultra light noseeum mesh head. Top fabric is a made from a high quality breathable ripstop nylon and the floor from Silpoly with a Hydrostatic Head (waterproof rating) of 5300 mm.  

The Ultra Bivy is suitable for use under tarps or replacing the inner tent on many backpacking tents and shelters to save weight and increase room within the tent or shelter.  The enclosed nature of the Ultra Bivy also provides extra warmth compared to many inners.  Will fit most users up to 198 cm (6'6") in height.

The Valley and Peak Ultra Bivy is a Ultralight Bivy  For Use Under Tarps and Similar Shelters and Also as a Replacement For Inner Tents. Manufactured in the U.K. From High Quality Breathable and Wind Resistant Materials and UL Noseeum Mesh. For Users Up To 198 cm in Height. Features 3/4 Length Zip and Hanging Loops.

Approximate Lead Times 

Currently around 4 weeks.

     Standard Features include

    • 2 hanging loops, mitten hooks and 3mm shock cord to suspend Ultra Bivy from shelter or tent.
    • 4 pegs/stake out loops
    • #3 YKK top zip 122cm ( 48 inches ) in length for easy entry and exit
    • Comes with Shock cord, clips and stuff sack
    • Fits standard and long sleeping mats/pads including winter versions.


    • 2 Quick Access side zips to allow performance of tasks, such as gear organisation without leaving the comfort of the Ultra Bivy. Adds £20.00 to cost.
    • Lightweight solid fabric Add-on Hood which integrates with the Ultra Bivy wrapping around the head end mesh area to give extra protection from cold draughts while maintaining breathability. Weighs 44g.  See details here
    • J Zip Ultra Bivy Option - see here for details


    Length =  203 cm ( 80 inches)

    Width = 70cm ( 27.5 inches)

    Head End Apex Height = 65cm (25.5 inches)

    Foot End Apex Height = 58cm (23 inches)

    Length of Top Apex (zip) = 130cm (51 inches)

    Weight = 210 grams ( 7.4oz)

    Top made from 30g/m2 of 15 D ripstop nylon with DWR coating. Calendared finish

    Floor made from 38g/m2 of 20 D silpoly - 5300mm HH

    Mesh made from 23g/m2 noseemum mesh

    Colours available in (shown Left to Right ) Dark Olive, Titanium Grey, and Burnt Orange.



    How you can put the Ultra Bivy to good use.

    One of the benefits of using the Ultra Bivy is that you can save weight, increase space inside the tent and the enclosed nature of the Bivy is generally warmer than using the tent's inner, especially in winter.

    Winter/Spring and Autumn

    Replace the tent inner with the Ultra Bivy which lightens your load during a period  when you will have maximum weight in your pack. Increase the space inside your the tent for those long nights and increase warmth due to the enclosed nature of the Bivy compared to the inner.   The Optional Hood for the Bivy will give additional protection of draughts.

    Summer - during bug season

    This is the time when your inner will give most benefit. The increased weight is offset by the fact that you will have a lighter sleeping bag or quilt and less insulated clothing to take.

    Some examples of weight savings compared to using inner tent

     Tent Total weight of tent  Weight of inner only  Weight of Ultra Bivy  Saving
    Hilleberg Soulo  2400g  605g 210g   395g


    Stratospire 1

    1125 400g 210g 180g
    FT Xenon 2 UL 1900g 716g  210g   506g
    Wikiup 3  1980g 878g 210g 668g


    Other benefits to weight savings, is more room to move around in.

    We have not tested the fit in all shelters, but should fit in most. It is not necessary to hook up the foot end, if you don't want to.