Have you found your perfect combo for cooking and coffee?

Evernew 0.9L UL Titanium Pot and Munieq Tetra Drip

If you're like me then you'll be very interested in the ease of boiling water, making food and brewing coffee. I really like the feeling and routine of waking up in the morning or just pitching up at camp and getting your water boiling ready for a nice coffee.

Valley and Peak Family Member Sam Culley (@samrculley on Instagram) certainly believes so too. Every time I've been on a camp with him, it's a big point he makes and is part of his camp routine to get a nice cup of coffee on the go. This is normally followed by "Right, let's get a coffee". Then to be woken up in the morning with the sound of Sam firing up his Soto Windmaster stove and getting his water boiled up feels like it's now part of the norm when camping with Sam.

My favourite combo that I seem to always go back to no matter what I try is my Evernew UL Titanium 0.9L Pot, Munieq Tetra Drip and Vargo 400ml Titanium Travel Mug. There's just something about ultralight metal and coffee that makes memories for me!

Munieq Tetra Drip and Vargo 400ml Titanium Travel Mug

Weighing only 189g for all three items really means that i don't compromise on any luxury items when on a camp or hike and yet I can create great meals and coffee from pieces of equipment that don't let you down.

My other go to options tend to be the MSR Titan Kettle, Soto Helix Coffee Maker and Sea to Summit Delta Insulated Mug. Again, great quality for an ultralight set up that I can never fault.

It's a great feeling once you have found your cooking, eating and coffee set up. So I always recommend you try loads of different combinations until you find that you have hit that sweet spot and won't look back.

If you are struggling for ideas or can't find that perfect combination then please reach out to me in the usual places - @valleyandpeakuk on Instagram or on jim@valleyandpeak.co.uk for email.

Jim - Valley and Peak

February 17, 2022 — Jim De'Ath