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Valley and Peak products are hand made in the U.K. using high quality fabrics and components.

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In addition to our own handmade products, we stock brands such Cascade Wild, CNOC Outdoors, Kelty, Lawson Equipment, Pyramid, Sierra Designs, SOTO and Tent Meals


We've been camping and backpacking for more than 30 years now and using campers for 10 years. We know what works.

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Product Reviews

I purchased a lightweight Over-Quilt from Valley and Peak, hoping it would both increase the range of temperature I could use my summer bag in, as well as protecting my winter bag from excess condensation in the cold. So far, I've used it a couple of times on top of my 3 season bag, when the temperature has dropped unexpectedly. Each time, I woke in the early hours, shivering, and then added the quilt as an extra layer for the rest of the night. I couldn't believe the difference it made! Super cozy! Definitely money well spent! 

@chrissiepebbles Backpacker, Wild Camper & Ex Mountain Rescue Deputy Leader

I used the Valley and Peak Sleeping Cover on my Norway winter trip, super useful to keep my sleeping bag free from ice.

The Insulated pouch for batteries was great, used it every night in my sleeping bag and stuffed all the electronics in during the day.

Ash Routen - Arctic Traveller and Freelance Writer

Used the Over Quilt on top of my Western Mountaineering Ultralite  sleeping bag on my Northern Scandinavian winter trip.  The outer fabric was excellent with water droplets/condensation when I used the tent as a single skin shelter, droplets just rolled off. I like the feel of the fabric and the colour scheme.

Mark Waring @mjdwaring - Backpacker and Packrafter

 I used the Valley and Peak Over-Quilt for 4 nights in the Dales with my PHD Minim Marathon. Using it just like a blanket I was very warm and cosy on 3 frosty mornings. If I had used it as a full on Over-Quilt I would have been boiling! Very impressed with the warmth and comfort. Wrapped round me on the cold nights - there was no need to get into my sleeping bag, as I would have done without the Over-Quilt. I was a bit concerned about the packability of it, but folded, it takes up hardly any space. I'm delighted with it! Oh and the Insulated Pouch was equally superb.

Gordon Green - Backpacker & TGO-er

Lead Time

For the following  Valley and Peak made products

Quilts, Over-Quilts & Ultra Bivy.

Our current lead time is: 3 Weeks.

Insulated Pouches are in stock.