NEMO Equipment was born from a moment of discomfort that sparked a vision for better outdoor gear. In 2002, founder Cam Brensinger spent a sleepless night in a poorly designed bivy on the side of Mount Washington, realising the immense potential for thoughtful design in enhancing the adventure experience. Determined to tackle this challenge, Cam founded NEMO Equipment during his senior year at the Rhode Island School of Design. Just three days after graduation, he opened NEMO's first office in Nashua, New Hampshire.

The name NEMO, inspired by Jules Verne’s Captain Nemo, also cleverly alludes to "New England Mountain Outfitters," reflecting the brand's adventurous spirit and New England roots. Cam set up operations in a restored textile mill with fellow designers and engineers, where they spent two years developing and prototyping the first proprietary airbeam-supported tents.

In 2004, NEMO debuted its innovative designs to the public, quickly gaining recognition and awards for their ingenuity. In 2005, NEMO was the overall winner of the ISPO Brand New award, and its designs were featured among the 100 best inventions of the year by TIME and Popular Science. These accolades marked the beginning of a continuous stream of awards and industry recognition.

For two decades, NEMO Equipment has embodied the belief that intelligently designed gear enables the adventures that bring out the best in people—making them more conscious, inspired, connected, and mindful. The ethos of NEMO is captured in a sticker in their conference room: “Design Like You Give a Damn.” And they truly do, creating gear that not only meets the demands of the outdoors but also enhances the overall adventure experience.


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