Buff, a renowned brand rooted in Barcelona, Spain, traces its origins to a family factory and a singular vision. Over 25 years ago, Joan Rojas conceived the idea for the legendary multifunctional seamless tubular while traversing the scenic roads of Catalonia on his motorcycle. Seeking a warmer and more protective solution against the elements of sun, wind, and cold, Joan's passion sparked the creation of Buff.

From its humble beginnings, Buff quickly gained acclaim, captivating a global audience with its innovative design and versatility. As the market embraced this revolutionary accessory, Buff emerged as a leader in the realm of neck and headwear.

Driven by a commitment to excellence and sustainability, Buff remains steadfast in its mission to enhance the outdoor experience for enthusiasts worldwide. With a diverse range of accessories including caps, hats, headbands, and balaclavas, Buff continues to set the standard for comfort and performance in outdoor apparel.

Today, Buff's iconic multifunctional tubular serves as a beacon of innovation, inspiring a comprehensive lineup of accessories designed to meet the diverse needs of sports and outdoor enthusiasts. With a presence in over 70 countries, Buff remains dedicated to sharing its passion for adventure and exploration with the world.


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