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Outdoor Research Men's Foray II GORE-TEX Jacket
£182.00 £260.00
BlackGrove/BlackSpace Jam/DawnTopaz/BlackManzanita/Terra+ 2 more
Outdoor Research Swift Cap
£24.50 £28.00
Black/GreyVerdeKhaki/Dark GreyUltramarineLavenderClassic Blue ReflectiveTopaz+ 5 more
Outdoor Research Women's Aspire II GORE-TEX Jacket
£182.00 £260.00
Sienna/CinamonSage/HarborBlackNimbusUltramarine/Galaxy+ 2 more

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to layer outdoor clothing?

Layering outdoor clothing is essential to keep one's body warm while remaining comfortable despite the ever-changing weather conditions.
Here are four principles in layering that will keep you warm and comfy:

1. Base layer - A moisture-wicking fabric must be worn by the person directly as it preserves one's body temperature. Merino wool or synthetic material are excellent options to use as a base layer.

2. Insulating layer - The purpose of insulating layers is to trap the air close to the body. As a result, it gives warmth to the body. Synthetic insulated jackets, fleece, or wool sweaters can be used as an insulating layer.

3. Shell layer - The purpose of this layer is to protect the self from rain and wind. For example, try wearing a waterproof and lightweight jacket, such as a Gore-Tex jacket, which can serve as your shell layer.

4. Accessory layers - Do not forget to try adding accessories like neck warmers, gloves, or hats, since it provides you additional warmth and protection when going outdoors.

The intensity of activities you will be doing and the weather conditions are vital factors you should consider when layering clothing. When you engage in more strenuous activities, opt for lighter pieces of layers to allow better ventilation. In contrast, adding more layers is essential in keeping yourself warm when the temperature is low.

It is also important to remember to wear clothing that fits perfectly on you so that you can freely move without any difficulty. In addition, it will also allow you to adjust layers whenever you still need to do some adjusting. Layering is done to regulate a person's body temperature to make a person feel comfortable despite being outdoors. No matter what adventure it is, proper layering will help you weather the storm and challenges you might encounter.

What are the best outdoor clothing brands?

Many outdoor clothing brands offer a wide selection of styles, fabrics, and distinct features. We have enlisted for you some quality-outdoor clothing brands we recommend for you to check out:

1. Patagonia - Patagonia provides several outdoor clothing for you to select. All of their products are known to be made from high-quality and sustainable materials.

2. The North Face - The North Face is another well-known brand that produces gear and clothing for different outdoor activities, perfect for people who love to seek adventure.

3. Columbia - Columbia also offers various gear and outdoor clothing. Their hiking boots are stylish but are also durable and beloved by many.

4. Arc'teryx - Arc'teryx is a brand that produces premium outdoor clothing. Their gear and apparel are specifically made to maximize performance while maintaining comfort.

5. Black Diamond - Black Diamond is a brand that targets to provide high-quality outdoor apparel to climbers and mountaineers. From the jackets to the accessories they offer, they ensure that their products are specially made to satisfy the needs and wants of their customers.

6. Marmot - Marmot is a brand that provides outdoor enthusiasts the outdoor clothing that suits whatever activity they plan to do.

7. Outdoor Research - Outdoor Research is a well-known brand for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a range of clothing and gear, including jackets, pants, gloves, and accessories.

The mentioned brands are excellent choices when purchasing outdoor apparel as these brands guarantee top-notch quality and performance.
When choosing a brand, consider your budget, personal needs, and style when buying outdoor apparel. Make sure you purchase items that prioritize your comfort while protecting you from whatever cruelty the outdoors can bring at any time.

What is the warmest outdoor clothing?

There is no particular outdoor clothing that can be considered to bring the most warmth to the human body, as several factors come into play. Factors such as weather conditions, temperature, the intensity of activity, and personal preferences are things to consider when choosing outdoor clothing. However, these clothing types and specific materials are excellent at providing warmth to the body:

1. Down - Down is an insulating material usually made from duck or goose plumage. It is commonly used in jackets or vests since it provides warmth and is also lightweight and compressible, which is considered an advantage over other insulating materials.

2. Synthetic Insulation - Synthetic insulation, such as PrimaLoft and Thinsulate, is used in pants, vests, or jackets. The main advantage it boasts is that it can still provide warmth even though it is wet.

3. Fleece - Fleece is a material that is soft and warm. It is also well-known for being a versatile material and is commonly the mid-layer used in various layering systems.

4. Wool - Wool is a natural insulator that provides warmth even when wet, making it a popular choice for outdoor clothing. Merino wool, in particular, is known for its softness and warmth.

5. Parkas - Parkas usually have a hood line made from actual or faux fur. It is also a long and insulated jacket to provide protection and warmth. They are perfect to be used in extreme weather conditions because of their outer layer, which is windproof and waterproof and has an inner layer that provides insulation.

Remember to follow the three basic principles in layering. Ensure to have a base layer, an insulating layer, and a shell layer to keep you warm and comfortable despite being outdoors for a long period of time.