Benjamin Bogler, the founder behind US cottage company BoglerCo and creator of the BoglerCo Ultralight Trowel, has always been propelled by a passion for crafting and innovation. With a background in Mechanical Engineering and a knack for tinkering, Benjamin's journey into product design began with childhood pursuits of assembling LEGO and crafting model cars.

His penchant for customisation led him to modify and create his own gear for various activities, from cycling to backpacking. An example of his ingenuity is the lightweight carbon fibre clipboard he crafted for work, earning it the nickname "Astronaut clipboard" among colleagues. Benjamin's creativity also extends to 3D printing, where he delights in crafting personalised gifts for friends and family.

The inspiration for BoglerCo struck when Benjamin encountered disappointment with a commonly used backpacking trowel. Dissatisfied with its design, he envisioned a superior alternative and set out to create his own. Through countless iterations and rigorous testing, Benjamin honed his design, meticulously analysing materials and configurations to achieve the perfect balance of size, strength, weight, and durability.

The result is the BoglerCo Ultralight Trowel, a testament to Benjamin's commitment to excellence. Crafted from high-grade aluminium, this trowel boasts a palm-protecting end cap and a serrated edge, making it ideal for ultralight backpackers and hikers. Its lightweight yet robust construction ensures resilience against rocky soil, while the ergonomic design prioritises user comfort and efficiency. Every feature of the BoglerCo Ultralight Trowel has a purpose. The holes in the handle are placed in such a way as to provide finger grip; while, of course, also cutting precious grams off the end product. If needed, you can also use the trowel as a stake, and even set a deadman’s anchor because of the holes. 

What sets the BoglerCo Ultralight Trowel apart is Benjamin's unwavering dedication to quality and sustainability. Manufactured entirely in his home workshop, each trowel is meticulously crafted from start to finish, embodying the principles of small-scale, Made in USA production. Benjamin's commitment to environmental conservation is evident in his choice of materials and manufacturing processes, eschewing harsh chemicals and dyes in favour of natural aluminium finishes.

With BoglerCo, Benjamin Bogler has created a top-tier outdoor tool, a testament to the power of innovation and craftsmanship. 


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BoglerCo Ultralight Backpacking Trowel
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