TrailBrush, a 2 gram toothbrush attachment, was created by Andrew Vargo during his preparation for a thru-hike of the Arizona Trail, where he honed in on three fundamental rules for cutting weight. Founded on the principles of utility, efficiency, and minimalism, TrailBrush addresses the need for multi-functional gear in the outdoor community. Utilising a patented system, TrailBrush allows the head of a toothbrush to securely slot onto the carabiner hole of a long-handled spoon, eliminating the need for separate items and reducing waste and weight in one's pack. Compatible with a range of popular spoons and sporks, TrailBrush offers a practical solution for lightweight backpacking and bikepacking adventures, ensuring that every item in your gear kit serves multiple purposes without compromising functionality.


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Trailbrush 2g Toothbrush
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