I can't see my country on the drop down menu, when I try and purchase product at checkout

At present the checkout doesn't allow you to purchase product if you live outside the UK or the EU. However please contact us at valleyandpeak@gmail.com and we will help you buy the product you require through a PayPal  transaction or similar. When buying from us outside of the EU we will be able to deduct VAT ( UK sales tax ) from the prices shown except food items which are zero rated for tax purposes in the UK.

My CNOC Vecto has a plastic smell  - how do I clean it?

CNOC Outdoors recommend washing all the parts of the Vecto before the first use.  Washing up liquid and warm water is recommended. Rinse a number of times with clean water afterwards.

if you feel that Vecto needs further cleaning ( some people are sensitive to TPU smell), use the juice of one lemon and one tbsp of bicarbonate of soda mix with one litre of water to make the solution in the Vecto.

Freeze overnight and then thaw and wash with washing up liquid as before, rinse with water and fully air dry before use.

How do I use the strap system with the Valley and Peak Classic Quilt and Over-Quilt?

The following video shows you have use the strapping system