What are 3 benefits of being outdoors?

Being outdoors is the preferable environment I would choose to be in most of the time if I could. The rush of fresh air, the beauty that unfolds around you, there’s simply nothing like it. Just venturing out, that's hard to beat.

Getting out into nature is one of the most healing, relaxing and beneficial things you can do with your time. If you’re curious as to why, here are my top 3 benefits of being outdoors:

  1. Scientifically Proven Benefits  

    Fresh Air and Sunlight: Scientific research underscores the importance of exposure to fresh air and sunlight for our well-being. With many individuals lacking in Vitamin D, just five or ten minutes outdoors can make a massive difference - that's all you need to efficiently absorb essential nutrients and minerals. Just make sure your sun-soaked skin enjoys maximum protection against UVA and UVB rays.

    Combatting Screen Time: For families concerned about excessive screen time, venturing into nature provides a welcome respite. Engaging children in outdoor activities not only promotes physical health but also fosters creativity and exploration. The Woodland Trust shares plenty of ideas to help families enjoy woods in the great outdoors all year round, from scavenger hunts and den building to wildlife spotting and nature crafts.

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  2. Enhanced mental health and wellbeing 

    Stress Reduction: In my writing of the 3 benefits of being outdoors, the second advantage lies in the serene tranquility of nature. It serves as a soothing balm for the soul, alleviating stress and fostering mindfulness. Incorporating grounding techniques like the 5-4-3-2-1 method during outdoor excursions can deepen our connection with the present, fostering mental clarity and emotional balance - try it next time you’re on a walk! Being outdoors and moving at an easier pace means you have the time to slow down, focus and almost free your mind of distractions. Exercising with purpose also improves sleep. In fact, many campers have had their best ever night's sleep under the stars. Looking for those essentials to make your tent that little bit cosier? Check out our sleeping accessories here. 

    Social Connection: Talking and making friends is made much easier outside of a formal setting and engaging in conversations during a walk is super helpful for those battling with their own portable black cloud. Sure, it doesn't solve the problem, but in sharing our thoughts with others, we're dropping some of that weight and if you’re adding fresh air and feeling fit into the mix, that’s all the better, right?

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  3. Connecting with nature

    Appreciating Natural Rhythms: Nature is one of the great levelers when it comes to awareness of natural rhythms. In our exploration of the 3 benefits of being outdoors, I conclude with Nature's undeniable prominence. Simply observing the beautiful changing seasons in the UK can be a real wonder. In the winter we often leave and return home in darkness and we don’t make the effort to go outside, or even look outside. If you’re not careful, then seasons can come and go unnoticed. Experiencing the full range of weather, from glorious sunshine to awe-inspiring storms, evokes a profound sense of awe and gratitude for the beauty of the natural world, reminding us of the magnificence that surrounds us.

    Sense of Freedom: There’s also that hard to capture feeling of freedom that cannot quite be achieved when indoors, especially if you live in a city or in suburbia. There are fewer boundaries and as long as you respect nature, you never quite know what you will find...


Stormy scenes in a UK landscape


Local authorities and even private landowners make it easy to set off and tackle walking or more involved hiking. It’s amazing just how much there is to explore on your own doorstep. If you’ve never taken the jump to start exploring, then start off by finding parks in your area that you're yet to visit and take a look around.

Whether it's exploring set circular routes in your local area, or venturing further afield, the possibilities are endless. If you're contemplating your next long-distance trek, consider my top recommendations, ranging from the 109-mile marvel of The Cleveland Way to the picturesque 23-mile journey along the Derwent Valley Skyline. And if the allure of wild camping has always captivated you, peruse our essential gear guide to kickstart your journey.

Top 3 Benefits of Outdoor Adventures for Kids

  1. Building Confidence: Outdoor play presents opportunities for children to confront and conquer fears, whether it's climbing trees or navigating water bodies. Mastering these challenges fosters a sense of accomplishment, boosting their courage and self-assurance.
  1. Language Development: Hands-on exploration in natural settings provides a rich environment for learning new words and concepts. Children expand their vocabulary as they interact with the physical world around them.
  1. Environmental Awareness: Engaging with the outdoors instils a sense of respect and responsibility for the environment from a young age. Research suggests that childhood experiences in nature positively influence environmentally conscious behaviour in adulthood

The great outdoors isn't just a playground; it's a classroom, a gym, and a sanctuary rolled into one! From helping with confidence to sparking curiosity and fostering a love for our incredible planet earth, outdoor adventures for kids are an absolute win-win. So, let's lace up those hiking boots, grab some sunscreen, and dive into the wonders of the wild together. After all, the best lessons for kids are learned amidst the rustle of leaves and the splash of puddles!

April 16, 2024 — Jim De'Ath