Grüezi Bag GmbH, headquartered in the Bavarian foothills of the Alps, is an owner-managed company established in 2016 by Markus Wiesböck. Dedicated to sustainability and innovation, Grüezi Bag produces a range of outdoor products tailored for adventurers.

Markus Wiesböck, the company's founder and managing director, brings extensive expertise in development and materials, coupled with a customer-centric approach. His guiding philosophy emphasises product excellence and sustainability.

Grüezi Bag® stands out for its innovative insulation filling, cuts, and materials, including DownWool®, DownWool® Hybrid, WoodWool, and SilkWool, all designed to optimise sleeping and wearing climates based on wool, prioritising comfort above all else.

Attention to detail is evident in Grüezi Bag's products, featuring innovative elements like slanted zippers for enhanced foot placement, comfort-oriented sleeping bag cuts, and jackets designed to complement active lifestyles without restricting movement.

Grüezi Bag continues to push boundaries with pioneering designs, such as the first sleeping mat with a two-layer construction and connectability, the first sleeping bag with a 3D dome mosquito net, and the first jacket combining down and wool insulation.

The company's commitment to innovation has garnered recognition in the outdoor sector since 2015, with Grüezi Bag receiving numerous awards for its groundbreaking contributions to outdoor gear.