All Wildo products have been developed to work outdoors, even in the most primitive conditions. They are currently on sale to outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers all over the world


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Wildo Fold-A-Cup
NavyOliveRedDark GreyLimeLilacBlueberryOrange+ 5 more
Wildo Spork
Dark GreyRedLimeBlueberryLilacOrange+ 3 more
Wildo Fold-A-Cup BIG
RedLimeDark GreyNavyLilacOlive+ 3 more
Wildo Shaker
LimeRedDark GreyLight Blue+ 1 more
Wildo Camp-A-Box Complete
£19.75 Sold Out
OrangeBlueberryLight BlueOliveBlack+ 2 more
Wildo Kasa Bowl
OliveDark GreyRedLilac+ 1 more
Wildo Kasa Army
NavyDark GreyRedOlive+ 1 more
Wildo Camper Plate Deep
OliveLimeBlueberryLilac+ 1 more