At Valley + Peak, we’re dedicated to stocking the highest quality brands. We enjoy trying out products and will only stock those we believe will bring you value. Big Agnes is an innovative brand from Colorado US, they design gear for ultralight backpackers. 

A fact about Big Agnes is they’re named after a 12,000 foot mountain that’s close to the business base. Being based around the corner from the Colorado Rockies will inspire their range of inventive products that boast longevity and durability. 

Here are ten of their must-have pieces to ensure you’re ready for your next outdoor adventure. 

Big Agnes tent

Big Agnes Rapide SL Insulated Sleeping Mat

A sleeping mat is a necessity after a long day backpacking. This sleeping mat is designed with an offset I-Beam construction. This helps to reduce weight while providing you with multi-directional support. This means you have the luxury of stability and comfort. 

A sleeping mat provides that essential extra layer between you and the hard ground. This is to help keep you warm and to support your back. It’s made with quieter materials than other mats which is beneficial if you’re a restless sleeper. Team with a quality sleeping bag/quilt for a great night's sleep. 

During winter months you may wish to layer your air sleeping mat. This can be achieved with the Twistercane BIO Foam Sleeping Mat for additional insulation. On the other hand, the Twistercane can be used as a stand-alone sleeping mat. Engineered to excel during ultralight backcountry summer trips all the way to high alpine winter pursuits. 

insulated sleeping mat

Divide Insulated Sleeping Mat

If you’re big on sustainability and doing your best for the environment, this is the sleeping mat for you. Made with sustainable materials such as recycled lightweight nylon ripstop that provides you with backcountry reliability. 

The antimicrobial treatment inside the mat protects against microorganism growth which will help your sleep mat last longer. Stay warm with the insulation system featuring THERMOLITE, as well as heat reflective film for maximum efficiency. Team with a cell foam pad when sleeping on frozen ground or snow. 

Team your sleeping mat with the Kings Canyon UL Quilt. It packs away small, weighing just 425g. Ideal for camping in the British weather due to the synthetic Primaloft insulation. It could work well as an extra layer over your sleeping bag to provide more warmth.

Use the ten snap patches to attach your quilt to a sleeping mat to create a secure and cosy sleep system. Designed to work with any pad size and shape for your convenience.

Sleeping bag big agnes

The women’s torchlight UL 20 sleeping bag has a -5c comfort limit making it ideal in the cooler months. Designed with ultralight women backpackers in mind. This sleeping bag is designed to contour to your figure to increase thermal efficiency and a comfortable nights sleep. You can easily adjust the bag to suit your personal sleep style and body shape. 

Now, let's have a look at a space to put your sleeping mat. Here are our favourite Big Agnes tents/tarps. 

Copper Spur HV UL2 Tent

Copper Spur HV UL2 Backpacking Tent

This is one of Big Agnes’ best-selling two-person tents. An ultra-light, full-featured backpacking tent. The use of proprietary materials ensures this tent is light and strong. The sleek design offers ample living space with a freestanding structure. 

The multiple interior loops for attaching gear lofts, accessories and mtnGLO Tent & Camp lights create an easy living environment. 

If you’re solo backpacking then the Tiger Wall UL1 Solution Dye Ultralight Tent is one of the lightest technical tents in the Big Agnes collection. If you care about the environment (and we hope you do!) you’ll be pleased to hear the following statistics:

  • This tent is produced using 50% less water than traditional methods. saving 19 litres of water per tent produced. 


  • An 80% reduction in the energy required to produce, reducing carbon emissions. 


  • 80% fewer chemicals are used to dye and finish the fabric, meaning a cleaner and safer procedure. 


This tent is renowned for its easy and efficient setup. It's strong DAC Featherlite single pole system means you’ll be able to start enjoying your break in record time. 

Gold Camp UL3 Tarp

Gold Camp UL3 Tarp

This three-season, ultralight, pyramid style shelter is perfect for tactical backcountry trips. Featuring cutting-edge ultralight material making it easy for you to carry in your backpack.

The single pole design helps to keep your base weight low. You can use it to get changed in if you’re looking for privacy, with plenty of standing room. It will also comfortably sleep up to three adults if you add in the optional footprint. 

Blacktail hotel 2 Bikepacking Tent

Blacktail Hotel 2 Bikepacking Tent

If you’re an avid biker and love camping then you’ll love this bikepacking tent. Known for its spacious sleeping area and the easy accessibility. Attach your tent to your handle bars and bike to your next destination, freeing up space in your backpack for other essentials. 

You can conveniently store your helmet in the webbing on the exterior of the tent. The integrated daisy chain webbing loops allow you to dry out your wet clothing between rides. 

If you’re looking for something that’s light enough for off-road trails and strong enough for country roads this tent is ideal. 

Dirt Daggers

Dirt Daggers

Dirt daggers are Big Agnes’ lightest and strongest stakes ever, with a 25% increase in strength-to-weight ratio. The proprietary design is made from ultralight, aircraft-grade aluminium. This makes it easier to spot your tent as it has a bright, adonised finish.

Skyline UL Tool

Skyline UL Stool

This stool is ideal for ultralight backpackers and minimalist campers who want to keep things as light and compact as possible. Designed to be sturdy, comfortable and quick to set up. Offering the efficiency you need when you’re on the go. At only 482g this stool won’t weigh you down. 

Mountains Backpacking

Parkview 63L Backpack

Looking for somewhere to store your sleeping mat, quilt, tent, and stool? We recommend the Parkview 63L backpack. It's a lightweight backpack perfect for multi-day trips.

This bag is designed with the serious hiker in mind. It comes in medium and large to ensure the correct fit and ultralight comfort when you’re on the trail. 

It also offers maximised support with contoured shoulder straps and a hip belt that attaches to your frame for efficient load transfer and added stability.

The puncture and tear-resistant heavy-duty material increases the lifespan of the backpack, ensuring you can use it trip after trip. 

We hope this has inspired your ultralight backpacking list. Be sure to check out the other 60+ brands we stock at Valley and Peak. For more information on Big Agnes, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our knowledgeable team of friendly experts. Simply email:


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April 20, 2023 — Jim De'Ath