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The Classic Quilt will open up completely like a quilt at home. The zippered foot-box has a draw string to enclose your feet and popper studs (snaps) to close up the rest of the quilt as necessary. Our quilts are made wide at the top to wrap around you easily and are long enough to cover your head, so you can snuggle down in cold weather.

We firmly believe in making quilts this way and the few extra grams in weight will pay you dividends when you are snug and warm in the 'wilds' rather than struggling with a slimmed down version which could lead to draughts and an uncomfortable night.

The Classic Quilt from Valley and Peak is an Ultralight BackPacking Quilt Manufactured in the U.K. From Highest Quality Super Soft Ultralight Fabric and 4 levels of Climashield Apex Synthetic Insulation. Ideal For Backpacking, Wild Camping and for Use in Camper Vans. Features Include Zippered Foot Box and Strap System

The Classic contains Climashield Apex insulation for outstanding warmth with no 'cold spots' and remaining warm even in damp conditions.  

All Classic Quilts are made long enough to cover your head. If you wish to have a shorter length, for example long enough to go up to your neck height rather than over your head or longer than our standard product offering, please contact us at sales@valleyandpeak.co.uk  detailing what length you would like. We will email you a price.

Approximate Lead Times 

Currently around 2 - 3 weeks.


  • 1/2 Taper design (1/3 taper for Extra Wide), to ensure comfortable sleeping
  • Ultra lightweight and beautifully soft fabric inside and out
  • Choice of 4 insulation levels
  • Zipped foot box
  • Sewn in 'plug' at foot end to stop any draughts
  • Hanging loop
  • Strap system  see Video in FAQ's
  • Large cotton storage sack
  • Hand made in the U.K.


    Fabrics - your choice of the following:

      • Highest quality 10D breathable fabric weighs 22g/m2 with DWR finish for outer and inner fabric. (softest feel option) Colours include Blue,Grey and Black
      • Highest quality 15D breathable fabric weighs 30g/m2 with DWR finish with ripstop, tough but still soft finish (outer only).  Blue, Titanium Grey, Burnt Orange, Deep Purple and Dark Olive.

      Colours shown Left to Right. Dark Olive, Titanium Grey, Burnt Orange, Deep Purple and Blue in 15D fabric. Grey, Black and Blue in 10D fabric.


      • Four levels of Climashield Apex synthetic insulation

      Further features

      • 70cm (27.5 inches) #3 YKK zipper for foot-box
      • Drawcord with mini cord locks to open and close foot box
      • Just 514g  for a Medium length, Regular width summer quilt (5C ) for 170cm person that will cover your head in 10D fabric. 

      Temperature rating

       Climashield Apex Level  100   133  167  200
      Temperature rating   10 - 8C   5C  2C       -1C

      Width chart 

      Width Regular Wide Extra Wide
      Top of Quilt  136 cm 140 cm 145 cm
      Bottom of Quilt 102 cm  118 cm   125 cm


      Size Guide




       Your height


      Quilt Length


      <165 cm  195 cm 


      166-175 cm 210 cm


      176-190 cm 225 cm

      Extra Large

      191- 205 240 cm


      If in doubt, go to the next size up

      Classic Quilt Weights using 10D fabrics inner and outer

       Regular Width   Apex 100 Apex 133 Apex 167 Apex 200
       Small length 369g 480g 567g 652g
      Medium  424g 514g 608g 699g
      Large 452g 549g 650g 747g
      Extra large 480g 583g 690g 794g
      Wide Width
      Small 416g 505g 597g 686g
      Medium 445g 541g 640g 736g
      Large 475g 577g 683g 786g
      Extra Large 504g 614g 726g 836g
      Extra wide Width
      Small 431g 524g 619g 712g
      Medium 482g 587g 694g 799g
      Large 493g 599g 709g 816g
      Extra Large 523g 637g 755g 868g


      The use of 15D fabric as the outer fabric will add 8g/m2 to the weight of the Quilt, so for a Medium length and Wide width Quilt this will add 23g to the weight compared to a 10D  fabric Quilt 

      Weights may vary due to materials and manufacturing.