Grüezi Bag Biopod Down Hybrid Ice Alpine 190 Sleeping Bag



The “Biopod DownWool-Hybrid Ice Alpine” is a high-quality down sleeping bag with Alpine wool layer for mountain, trekking and high-altitude tours. The winter sleeping bag was developed for use around freezing point for a better, drier sleeping climate.

Feel the difference!

The Grüezi bag® brand focuses on the best sleeping comfort and functionality: the climate and cut have already received several awards, as the sleeping bag

  • has a consistently pleasant sleeping environment;
  • has a comfortable cut that ensures sufficient freedom of movement;
  • is at the same time light and small in pack size.

This is what distinguishes the “Biopod DownWool-Hybrid Ice Alpine” sleeping bag:

An elaborate chamber system consisting of box and H-chambers (V-shaped) prevents cold bridges.

  • Its body-hugging mummy shape makes it light and small when packed.
  • The anti-slip knobs on the underside of the sleeping bag are also practical; they prevent you from slipping off the insulation mat.
  • The retrofittable carbon heating element is also very practical - simply connect it to a power bank and the foot area is heated.
  • The original: The Grüezi bag® DownWool hybrid sleeping bag is the first sleeping bag in the world with innovative layered insulation made of high-quality goose down and lavalan® Alpine wool. This means that the Grüezi bag® sleeping bags offer an incomparable feel-good climate for a restful sleep.
  • Features

    Feel-good climate

    The special thing about this sleeping bag is its innovative hybrid insulation and its elaborate construction: you quickly feel that you are not getting too cold or too warm in a DownWool hybrid sleeping bag. It creates a dry body climate and compensates for temperature fluctuations.

    This is achieved through the innovative mix of natural materials down and wool. This patented combination acts as a light and natural air conditioning system. The DownWool hybrid sleeping bag offers significant advantages over pure down or synthetic fiber sleeping bags:

    Grüezi bag® hybrid sleeping bags use the finest RDS-certified goose down (90/10, 800+ cuin) as insulation material.
    A layer of pure lavalan® Alpine wool is used as a further insulation layer, which makes the sleeping bag unique. The lavalan® Alpine wool creates an excellent feel-good climate: it supports our body temperature regulation. Wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture via its capillaries and release it back to the outside in a measured amount - so that no evaporation cold occurs. This not only ensures effective moisture regulation, but also body temperature regulation. Even when wet, it retains its warming properties, something no other material can do. Wool naturally creates a cozy and pleasant microclimate thanks to its unique climate-balancing properties. The wool also neutralizes unpleasant sweat odors.
    The background to the layer construction is that different climatic conditions exist in winter temperatures. Each person sweats over 0.5 liters at night. This body moisture evaporates in the sleeping bag and is passed through to the outer shell when temperatures are warm, where it is released into the surrounding air. At temperatures below zero, the humidity in the sleeping bag condenses on the inside of the outer shell and drips down onto the down. This significantly reduces the insulating power of the down. The overlying wool layer in Grüezi bag® hybrid sleeping bags now ensures that the moisture is transported to the outer shell of the sleeping bag and thus the down stays dry and maintains its high insulating properties.
    Elaborate chamber construction for the best thermal performance and sleeping comfort: The innovative V-shaped chamber system is supported in sensitive body zones by even more heavily filled box chambers. Additionally, additional side chambers ensure balanced insulation.
    A sleeping bag only stores the heat that people give off. However, a person is often no longer able to warm themselves or their sleeping bag. Be it because she is exhausted or sick. The footwell in particular is difficult to warm up with cold feet. That's why a heating element (Grüezi bag® carbon heating element) can be integrated into this hybrid sleeping bag, which can be operated using a standard power bank. After about 15 minutes, the sleeping bag will be cozy and warm for the night. Of course, the washable carbon heating element can be easily and quickly removed.

    Adjustable hood with face baffle : The heat bead adapts perfectly to the shape of your head. When it's cold, only a small face hole remains open and therefore there is less loss of temperature in the face.
    3D thermal collar : Automatically closes in the zipper area, so there is no cold bridge in the zipper area.
    Drawstring pocket : So that the drawstring on the thermal collar doesn't get in the way, it is safely stored in a simple drawstring pocket.
    Inside & outside pocket : For valuables and things you prefer to keep close to you.
    Two-way autolock zipper : The zipper can be opened and closed from either end and from the inside and outside. Auto-lock prevents it from opening accidentally.
    White zipper : This makes it easier to find the zipper in the dark.
    Zipper with anti-snag zipper and robust webbing underneath : This makes the zipper even easier to operate without pinching the outer fabric.
    Zipper with an underlaid zipper cover : so that heat cannot escape and cold spots are created.
    Elaborately pre-shaped foot box: with many chambers to avoid cold spots and plenty of space for the toes
    Feater loops : Heat hip bag with heating element (Feater - The Feet Heater) can also be installed.
    Chamber construction : Box chambers, H-chambers (V-Shaped), additional sidewall construction, AlmWolle layer construction on the top
    Anti-slip nubs on the back : prevent the sleeping bag from slipping.
    Included in delivery : sleeping bag, compression stuff sack, storage bag.

  • Specifications

    Temperature range according to EN 23537: T Comfort: -2 °C (28 °F) | T Limit: -8°C (17°F) | T Extreme: -27°C (-16°F). This means that the sleeping bag has a large comfort range of -2 °C to 17 °C.
    Size : 205 x 80 x 50 cm (suitable for a body height of 180 cm to 195 cm with a normal stature. For people with a wider stature, we recommend the larger sleeping bag version from 190 cm tall.)
    Weight : approx. 1,100 g + pack bag
    Pack size : Ø 20 x 39 cm, compressed Ø 20 x 32 cm
    Packing volume : 12 liters, compressed 10 liters
    Outer and inner fabric: Ultralight, durable and recycled 20 denier 380T nylon (100% polyamide) that feels incredibly soft, supple and silky on the skin. This is achieved by pulling the fabric over hot rollers to constrict the pores. This makes the fabric down-proof, impermeable to clothes moths and still remains naturally breathable without the usual plastic coating. The pores do not stick together either due to the bio-based BeSoDRY-ECO impregnation or the sustainable BEMACRON dyes.
    Filling : 600g high-quality goose down (90/10 with fill power 800 cuin), additional layer on top: lavalan® AlmWolle made of 85% virgin wool, 15% corn starch (PLA) Ingeo™ - filling strength 60 g/m²
    Material identification : Shell 100% polyamide, filling 1st layer: 85% wool/15% polylactide, filling 100% down - contains non-textile parts of animal origin.
    Area of ​​application: the optimal sleeping bag for winter mountain and trekking tours around freezing point.


    Grüezi bag® is a CO₂- neutral
    Animal welfare : RDS-certified down ( RDS CU 859743), mulesing-free sheep's wool from Europe
    PFC-free : No perfluorinated chemicals are used.
    Impregnation : The sleeping bags are equipped with a durable water-repellent impregnation based on bio-based raw materials (BeSoDRY-ECO).
    Colors : We use selected BEMACRON dyes from the CHT Group: they are non-toxic to nature and meet both Cradle to Cradle requirements and the bluesign® standard.
    Recycled fabrics
    Repair service and refill service
    Made in Germany
    Easy care: The sleeping bag can be washed by hand with a down detergent at a maximum of 30°C/86°F or in the washing machine on the wool cycle.