NORTENT Lavvo 4 Expedition Tipi Tent

By Nortent


The Sami in Norway have through generations been in close contact with nature and has always sworn to the tipi for protection against the harsh weather. This is also our inspiration when designing our lavvo which is a Norwegian version of a tipi. NORTENT Lavvo 4 is a relatively small lavvo but still very spacious and very flexible 4 seasons tent. 

This lavvo is tailored for solo-trips, or small groups. And as Lavvo 6, Lavvo 4 is a desire to develop a light tent that can be used for whatever you want and where you want. From light excursions to demanding hikes in mountains and forests, where comfort, flexibility, spaciousness and reliability are important factors. This tent like all our tents is made of what we think is one of the most hardwearing and robust lightweight fabric, silnylon. This super light fabric is relatively expensive. But in return, you have a light tent that will withstand most of what Mother Earth has to offer. If you choose our inner tent together with Lavvo 4, you have an ultraflexible tent you can thrust. With the use of the innertent and the stove, there is room for two sleeps in addition to all the gear.. Without the use of the innertent, the Lavvo 4 can shelter 4 sleeps  and their gear.

  • Features

    We have removed the traditional opening in the roof, which is often found in the traditionally tipi, simply because we think you do not need this very often. When you are out on your expedition where you have been walking the distance, you need a tent which is available pretty instant. A campfire in the tipi is unfortuanately often a smokey and unpleasant affair until the fire finally gets settled. Not quite the idyllic atmosphere you wanted. Therefore, we have replaced the smoke opening with a pipe hole for a wood burning stove which we think is a better option. Here you get the warmth while avoiding all the disadvantages of a bonfire. In addition, the wood burning stove is also a natural place for heating water, cooking, etc. We at NorTent stribe for that your load in your backpack is not too heavy while the tent has to be light and robust. Together with a NORTENT titanium, light and foldable wood stove you have a fantastic warm, safe, mobile and bomb-safe retreat either on the high mountains or in the deepest forests, all seasons.

    Our Lavvo is lower than a traditional tipi. This is to achieve a perfect combination between comfort and aerodynamics. With its 193 cm from bottom to top and 363 cm diameter we have made a tipi with a relative small angle so that the energy in the wind is not left on the flysheet, but is led up and around the tent. Common tipis usually have 6 to 8 edges. Thus, not a very aerodynamic cone shape where the wind easily gets the walls of the tent. Our Lavvo has 20 fastening points along the flysheet where we accomplishes the aerodynamic cone shape. This, combined with a Silnylon flysheet, the tipi is an extremely strong and steady tent that can withstand most the weather. In most cases, side guy out points are redundant. However, for extreme situations, we have arranged for the side guy out points to improve for the severe weather performance. We have equipped the Lavvo with 10 guy out points which is placed all around the tent. We have worked a lot such as this tent would be a perfect choice in any situation. Summer and winter. To ensure that the tent stands literally as a mountain, you can double the 20 plug fittings with our flexible plug-system, to almost nail it to the ground. If this should not be enough to ensure a good night sleep in extreme weather, you can also add snow/ dirt/ stones over the sod skirt. However. Do not leave your tent unattended during snowfall. Keep snow off the tent. Unattended, weight from the snow will eventually damage your tent

    The material we use for our tent is very durable, and very waterproof. At the same time very light. However. A sealed tent must have good ventilation to avoid condensation. If you get condensation on the inside of the flysheet, the climate inside every tent becomes damp and not always pleasant. NORTENT Lavvo 4 has two air valves at the bottom of the tent and a large airvent on the back of the tipi placed as high as possible on the tent. This ensures a good ventilation to avoid condensation. If you get condensation on the inside of the flysheet, the climate inside every tent becomes damp and not always pleasant. On particularly very humid days, when there is a need of extra ventilation, you can also use the two entrances in the tent to further regulate the air flow.

    The Lavvo has also mosquito netting in both doors to keep the bugs out if you want to ventilate with both the doors open on those hot summer nights

  • Specifications

    Lavvo 4 Arctic: ARCX-N400
    Pegs: aluminium 30 pcs, Y-peg (450g)
    Aluminium pole: 30 mm aluminium (950g)
    Min weight (Without plugs and pole): 2,5 kg
    Max weight (With plugs, pole and guylines): 3,9 kg
    Height: 193 cm
    Diameter: 363 cm
    Repair kit

  • Accessories

    Inner tent
    If you add a high quality inner tent in your Lavvo, you will be able to control not just the temperature, but the indoor air quality as well. In addition to this the ground beneath you, were you may sleep, eat and live, will stay dry all day long, no matter how much rain that’s hammering towards your tipi. Our own stove alongside our inner tent will do the trick to create a incredible warm, dry and sheltered tent life no matter what time a year. The inner tent itself can be opened up to easily access the woodstove.

    We have designed the tent in a way that makes it possible for you to store your backpacks, clothes, shoes and so on just a arm’s length outside the inner tent entrance. Here, with the heat from our woodstove, all your humid equipment can dry up any time a day. Furthermore, there is a smaller room behind the inner tent where you can store up things like wet shoes. Of course this storage space is also sheltered from weather and wind. Our Inner tent is made of the super light material “Ripstop Nylon” which is also breathable.


    Floor: 40D ripstop Nylon, PU5000MM.
    Walls: Ripstop nylon 15D, 420T
    Weight. 1,2 kg

    We have designed the NORTENT Lavvo 4 to be a very flexible tent. We know different people have different needs, wishes and necessities when it comes to shelter when hiking in mountains and woods. Some prefer to use the tipi without any inner or floor. Others may prefer just the inner, and some would prefer the tent with all possible available solutions. Because of this we have made a tent where you choose your soultions as needed where you are able to choose if you want a floor for the Lavvo. The floor makes the tent a partial enclosed shelter for protection against insects and moisture from the ground below. NORTENT Lavvo 4 has mosquito netting in all the openings where you are completely shielded even if both door-openings in the tipi is open. This gives a very spacious impression . Our floor can also be used with the NORTENT ultralight foldable stove.

    Why not a floor covering the entire surface, you might be thinking. This is because you propably always need wet and dirty clothes and shoes to drip off on the inside of the tent. If the floor is completely closed, the whole floor will also be wet and dirty. In addition, there will always be some condensation during the night, when the humidity increases. The condensation then drips down the inside of the tent fabric, to the floor. If the floor was completely closed, this would then accumulate on the floor itself.


    Fabric: 40D, ripstop Nylon, PU5000MM
    Weight: 0,5 kg

    Carbon fiber pole
    If you want to go even lighter, the Carbon pole for the NORTENT Lavvo 4 may be the right choice for you. It is about 2/3 weight (250 grams less) of the standard center-pole of aluminum, with somewhat same strength. The center-pole is adjustable to easily fit the lenght of the tent even with uneven ground, etc.


    Weight: 650 g
    Height: 210-180 cm
    Material: Carbon