With Father's Day fast approaching on June 16th, you might be here because, like many others, you're unsure what to get for your Dad or that special father figure in your life who loves camping and hiking.

I truly empathise with the struggle of selecting the ideal gift for Dad. Dads are notoriously difficult to shop for; they tend to buy what they want long before we even catch wind of it. In addition, many gift guides recycle the same gift ideas around aftershave, beer, questionable aprons, 'man-cave' paraphernalia, and fleeting gadgets. Fear not! The Valley + Peak team has thoughtfully curated a selection of father's day gift ideas for the outdoor enthusiast.

From cutting-edge camping gear to campsite essentials, our Father's Day gift guide encompasses options ranging from £7 to £500, ensuring there's a perfect match for every budget and preference (prices accurate at time of writing). 

1. Exped Auto Car Camping Mat - £399.99

Maybe your dad is considering a camper van? Why not introduce him to the idea of car camping first with Exped's innovative mat? Designed to fit in most mid-size truck beds, compact SUVs, sedans, or Tesla models, its intelligent design guarantees a precise fit. Among the limited options for sleeping mats tailored for cars, this one stands as a great choice.

You could also consider the Exped MegaMat Duo 10. It offers the same features but with added foot-room, making it ideal for tents, the back of a full-size truck, or even for use at home as a spare mattress. If he's traveling solo and his car doesn't have captain's chairs, the Exped MegaMat 10 is more versatile and saves you quite a bit of money.

2. Gregory Alpaca Gear Box - £50

Keep your dad's camping gear dry and protected with this durable, waterproof gear box. The removable, clear, hinged lid makes accessing essentials easy. For a creative twist, fill it with his favourite food and drink to create a rugged gift hamper because who says hampers have to come in baskets?

3. Evernew Ti Stove DX Set - £97.19

Equip your dad with this versatile stove set, featuring both the Stand DX and Titanium Alcohol Stove. Whether he's using alcohol fuel or foraging for twigs and branches, this set ensures he can enjoy hot meals on any outdoor adventure.

4. Nemo Moonlight Reclining Camp Chair - £159.99

Elevate your dad's relaxation with this innovative (and aesthetic) camp chair from Nemo Equipment, featuring adjustable reclining support and a unique pulley system for effortless adjustment. Lightweight and durable, it's the ultimate companion for outdoor lounging.

5. Nitecore HA11 Ultralight Head Torch - £24.95

Is it a universal truth that Dads love a head-torch? This ultralight head torch offers a maximum output of 240 lumens and multiple brightness levels. Whether he's hiking at dusk or navigating the campsite after dark (carefully avoiding guy-ropes), this head torch ensures optimal visibility.

6. NEBO POPPY Lantern - £14.00

This lantern from NEBO has become a firm favourite of my Dad's. As a product designer, he has a keen eye for good design, and this particular product stands out with its sleek and versatile features. With just a slide of its top, it seamlessly transitions from lantern to spotlight, revealing a full 360-degree C.O.B lantern. Its durable construction and adjustable handle make it an ideal companion for camping trips.

7. Sea to Summit Collapsible Dinnerware Set - £45.00

Upgrade your dad's kitchen set-up with this ultralight, compact, and collapsible dinnerware set. It includes a medium cup, medium bowl, and large bowl, making it ideal for his weekends away. Consider pairing it with some pre-prepared food or opt for the collapsible Kettle and Cup combo for the ultimate outdoor dining convenience! 

8. FlipFuel - £29.99

Simplify your dad's fuel management on outdoor adventures with FlipFuel, a nifty device that transfers leftover fuel between canisters. Perfect for consolidating fuel and minimising waste, it's a must-have accessory for any camping or hiking trip. 

9. Outdoor Research Swift Cap - £24.50

Navigating the realm of gifting clothes can be a bit of a challenge, but when in doubt, a timeless cap design always hits the mark. Take a peek at Outdoor Research's top-selling cap (I love this one in Green), boasting UPF 50+ sun protection and a complete mesh liner for optimal airflow. With its featherlight build and adaptable nature, it's an ideal cap for those brisk trail runs and leisurely hikes. And for a touch of whimsy, consider dubbing it his "cap-tain" hat in the card - too cheesy? Never!

10. Valley and Peak Gift Card - Choose Your Value £10 - £500

As we all know, Dad's can be very particular when it comes to outdoor gear, so this might just be the safest way to go! If your dad, granddad, or any father figure in your life loves camping, hiking, or cycling, why not let your dad choose his favourite outdoor gear with a Valley and Peak gift card? Valid for 12 months from purchase, it's the perfect way to ensure he gets exactly what he wants for his outdoor adventures. 

I always try and remember that quality time spent with my dad is one of the most valued presents I can give him, so if you are looking to gift him an outdoorsy gift, why not join him on the campsite this year? 


What are some good gift ideas for dad's who enjoy camping and hiking?

For dads who love camping and hiking, consider these awesome gift ideas:

  1. Camping Books: NC500 Road Trip Guide, Cool Camping Britain, Cook Out 
  2. Membership to Camping and Caravanning ClubCampWildHiiker or an Ordnance Survey Subscription
  3. Ordnance Survey Custom-Made Maps: Create their own bespoke map to represent a dream trip or personalised hiking route. Available as a folded or flat paper map with framed and canvas map options. Consider adding your own hiking route and personalise with your own cover photo.
  4. Gift Card: Let him choose his own outdoor camping gear with a gift card.

How can I make Fathers Day special without spending money?

  1. Get Outside Together: Spend the day exploring trails with him.
  2. DIY Gift: Create a handmade gift or a photo album of your outdoor adventures together.
  3. Garden Campout: Surprise your dad with a fully set-up backyard camping experience. Pitch his tent and fill it with cosy sleeping bags, lanterns, and his favourite outdoor snacks and drinks. 
  4. Camping Hamper: Get his outdoor cooler and fill it with his favourite beverages and snacks. Attach a note suggesting a future camping trip together.
May 23, 2024 — Jessica Soo-Banham