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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you camp in a tent in winter?

Yes, cold-weather camping can be a thrilling experience. The ideal way to embrace the beauty of nature in colder climates. However, you will require extra preparation and should ensure you have the correct equipment. Look for deals in our camping sale. 

Look for cold-weather sleeping bags, insulated sleeping pads, and thermal clothing. You should always check the weather forecast before travelling to check for any potential hazards such as heavy snow fall or torrential rain.

Is it legal to camp anywhere in the UK?

No, it is not legal to camp anywhere in the UK. Wild camping is subject to various regulations across the UK. In Scotland, wild camping is allowed in most areas, however, there are rules to follow, such as camping in small groups, staying for a limited time, and leaving no trace.

In England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, wild camping laws are more restrictive. You will need landowners permission to camp. You’re safest to opt for established campsites that have the landowners consent. 

If you really want to wild camp in the UK you should research the specific rules and guidelines for each region before doing so.

Should tents be folded or stuffed?

We recommend you fold your tents neatly, this will help them to maintain shape and pack down small. A stuffed tent is difficult to fit back into storage bags and can cause damage to the tent over time. 

Before folding your tent ensure it’s dry and remove any debris and dirt to stop the growth of mould between trips. If you can’t wait for your tent to dry out, make sure to get it out once your home and allow it to air.  

Taking care of your tent between uses will increase its lifespan. However, if you’re looking for a new tent check out out tent sale for a great deal.

Is a 4-person tent too big for 2 adults?

It’s dependent on personal preference and camping style. Whilst some may prefer the extra space for storage and having more room to move about, others prioritise lightweight and compact gear, especially if backpacking and carrying the tent between sites. 

Smaller tents offer a more intimate camping experience, however, if you’re on a long camping trip the larger tent may be more beneficial for storing equipment. Especially if you’ve gone overboard in our camping sale.