How To Choose an Outdoor Backpack for 2023

If you are already thinking about your 2023 adventures, then you’ll also want to be thinking about the accessories you’re going to need. If you know that an outdoor backpack is on the list but you’re unsure how to choose one, then you’re in the right place!

Choosing the right outdoor backpack before setting off on your journey is incredibly important after all, it’s going to be at your side throughout.  

Type of Adventure 

For those of you that have been wondering how to choose the right outdoor backpack, the first thing you need to think about is what type of adventure you’re going on, and what activities you will be doing. 

Backpacks are created and designed to support you throughout all types of adventures, whether you are an avid hiker, you enjoy an outdoor walk every other weekend with the family, or you plan to go further afield and set up camp. 

If you are planning to go camping often in 2023 then a larger backpack is going to be more suitable for you, as opposed to using a smaller outdoor backpack for occasional walks in the countryside. 


It is important to consider everything you are going to need your backpack to hold when you’re trying to find the perfect one. Backpack capacity is usually measured in litres, so if you are only planning a small morning walk you are going to be looking for a backpack that holds up to 25 litres. 

If you’re unsure about how big your backpack needs to be, then we would recommend gathering all of your essential items first and then choosing a big enough model to fit everything you need in. 


Comfort is key - choosing the right outdoor backpack is essential, the last thing you want is to be caught short without enough room or something totally unsuited to the task at hand.

Style & Fit 

It’s really important that your chosen backpack is comfortable and balances the load between your shoulders and hips. Now you know what you need your backpack for, measure up to see what backpack is more suitable for you - the team here at Valley & Peak can help with this if you get in touch. 


Outdoor backpacks can range in price, depending on the size, fabric and brand. Here at Valley & Peak, our backpacks range from £100 all the way up to over £300, to suit all of your adventure needs. 

Here are five models we’d recommend:

Best Value for Money:

sierra design flex capacitor 40-60l backpack

The Sierra Designs Flex Capacitor 40-60L Backpack features a unique patent pending gusset system that allows the pack to quickly and easily expand from 40-60 litres with the adjustment of a few straps. 

By far the best value for money, this innovative design is great for long-distance backpackers out there. 


Best Multi-Day Trip:

Gregory paragon backpack

Large enough for multi-day trips and extended trails with re-supply stops, the Gregory Paragon 58 Backpack and its adjustable fit will keep you comfortable, and the included rain cover will keep your pack dry in a sudden rain shower. 

If you are into your multi-day trips and extended trails then this is the best backpack for you.

Best Ultralight Day Pack:

Exped Cloudburst 25 backpack

The Exped Cloudburst 25 Backpack combines a waterproof fold dry bag and lightweight pack. A clean, versatile pack for countless outdoor and water sports adventures. When not in use this pack folds small, an advantage when travelling or when used as a backup pack. 

This backpack is also our best Ultralight Day Pack ideal for holding up to 25 litres. 

Best Lumbar Pack:

mountainsmith tour lumbar pack

If you are looking for a Lumbar Pack for your upcoming 2023 adventures, then look no further! This Mountainsmith Tour Lumbar Pack takes lumbar packs to the next level in style and comfort. 

As a favourite of hikers and outdoor-minded travellers, this versatile pack with a 9-litre capacity has loads of features to benefit from. 

Best Ultralight Pack:

Bonfus 58l ultralight backpack

The Bonfus Framus 58L Ultra200 Ultralight Pack is the perfect pack for multi-day adventures where long food carries and heavier pack loads require a rigid frame for superior weight transfer. With some of the most technologically advanced waterproof materials, this backpack is both lightweight and durable. 

Best Duffel Bag:

Eagle creek duffel bag

Ultra-light and constructed with durable TPU fabric, this Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler 90L Duffel Bag is equipped with gear pockets, grab handles, and tie-down daisy chains. Built resilient for big adventures, this duffel bag is just itching to hit the backroads. 

Best Alpine Pack:

Black diamond mission 45 backpack

Dedicated, durable and designed for ice cragging, mixed accents and cold-weather expeditions, the Black Diamond Mission 45 Backpack is our toughest alpine pack. These packs are now ultra-durable, designed to withstand season after season of your mountain adventures.

Best Running Pack:

Black Diamond distance 15 backpack

Engineered to redefine your line by giving you the ability to blend mountain terrain and activities, the Black Diamond Distance 15 Backpack is a hybrid pack that transcends barriers. By combining running-vest technology with an award-winning backpack design, you’ll be fit for adventures with this backpack.

Best Newcomer:

Big Agnes Parkview backpack

The newest addition to our backpacks and lumbar packs range is the Big Agnes Parkview 63L, a backpack for those big multi-day trips. You can pack lighter and faster with the Big Agnes, built in two sizes, medium and large to ensure proper fit and ultralight comfort on the trail.

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December 15, 2022 — Jim De'Ath