When it comes to embarking on your next camping adventure, ensuring you have the right backpack can make all the difference. Throwing some essentials into an old bag just isn’t going to cut it. 

You need to choose a backpack that suits your specific needs and the demands of the terrains you’ll be exploring. There are some essential considerations and features to keep in mind when choosing a camping backpack. 

Ever stood at the foot of a mountain, your camping backpack strapped on tight, feeling that tingling anticipation for the adventure ahead? That's where we are right now. Poised to dive into the world of camping backpacks.

Let’s uncover hidden gems in our camping backpack collection. Discover why Gregory stands out from the crowd and explore Sierra Design’s distinct appeal. Explore lightweight options for those long-haul treks and stuff sacks to keep your valuables safe and dry. 

Awaiting us is an adventure full of gear insights, water resistance wisdom and much more... Are you ready?

The Benefits of Taking a Good Camping Backpack

A quality camping backpack is more than just storage; it's your trusty companion on the trail. You should consider investing in a good hiking backpack for the following reasons: 

Incredible Storage Space

Camping involves carrying all sorts of items, from clothes to cooking gear. A quality camping backpack offers ample storage space with various compartments for organised packing.

Comfort & Fit

The design of a quality backpack will save on labour by distributing weight evenly across your back. This feature lets you hike longer without fatigue setting in early.

A well-fitting backpack will make even the heaviest of loads feel manageable. Our range of backpacks are designed with adjustable straps and multiple points of adjustment for extreme comfort. 

You want to ensure the hip belt sits comfortably on your hips as this will distribute the weight of your backpack and alleviate stress on your shoulders. 

Make sure your shoulder straps sit comfortably against your shoulders without digging in. If they’re too tight this will become uncomfortable quickly. Well-padded shoulder straps will help prevent uncomfortable chaffing on exposed skin. 

Ventilated back panels will greatly enhance comfort during hot and humid weather conditions. 

Lightweight Yet Robust Materials

An excellent hiking pack combines lightweight materials with strength for long-lasting use. The ideal balance between these two characteristics leads to less strain during hikes and durability against wear and tear.

You might question how something can be both light and robust. Well, modern technology has brought us innovative materials that deliver this combination flawlessly.

Camping outdoors often means exposure to rough terrains where ordinary fabrics could easily rip apart. That’s where the high-quality material comes into play - being resistant to tears ensures that nothing gets through or out of them.

hydropack hydration system

Hydration Systems

Many modern camping backpacks now include built-in hydration system pockets. These allow for easy access to water without needing to stop and unpack your bag. Plus, staying hydrated is key for any outdoor adventure, making this feature more than just convenient; it's essential.

We love the Hydrapack Shape-Shift 2L; its innovative design ensures it has unmatched performance. It’s a time-tested creation for hydration on the go. It’s designed with longevity in mind, fits in most backpacks, and is fully reversible making cleaning easy. A hydration pack that’s durable, dependable and functional. 

exped dry bags

Dry Bags: An Essential Companion

Rain is common when you’re out exploring the British countryside, but that doesn't mean your belongings have to get soaked. Investing in waterproof dry bags to store inside your camping backpack will keep your essentials dry even under heavy rainfall or if accidentally dropped into water.

Providing an extra layer against moisture helps protect sensitive equipment like cameras or electronics from damage due to water exposure.

A top-tier camping backpack is your reliable partner on any outdoor adventure. Its ample storage space, smart weight distribution and organised compartments make carrying gear a breeze.

The blend of lightweight yet robust materials ensures durability without strain. Add in the benefits of waterproof dry bags, tear and water resistance plus built-in hydration system pockets, and it's clear why investing in a good pack makes sense.

Our Top Camping Backpacks

The beauty of camping is in the gear you carry, and a reliable backpack can make or break your outdoor adventure. We offer backpacks from renowned brands that not only promise durability but also ooze style.


Gregory's design philosophy prioritises wearing, not just carrying, exceptional backpacks - resulting in comfortable, reliable, and stylish packs. Since 1977, Gregory has crafted backpacks capable of enduring ambitious adventures. Their mission is to build dependable packs for various needs, whether it's carrying lunch, suncream, or a complete camping kit. For treacherous weather, opt for 100% weatherproof packs, while longer journeys require spacious, lightweight options for comfort. Choose between one large pocket or multiple sections for organisation and if you have back issues, consider backpacks with padded straps for even weight distribution.

The versatile and reliable Gregory Paragon 58 backpack is your perfect companion for extended trails and multi-day adventures. With ample storage capacity and an adjustable fit, this backpack ensures your comfort throughout your journey. Worried about unexpected rain showers? Rest easy, as it comes with an included rain cover to keep your gear dry.

Among our outstanding selection, the Gregory Focal 48 backpack stands out for its exceptional carrying capacity and unmatched durability. Featuring the innovative FreeFloat hip belt, odour-resistant mesh and a fully-ventilated back panel, this backpack is a great choice for intense adventures.

The ultralight suspension with flex panels allows the pack to move seamlessly with your natural body motions, enhancing your agility and comfort on the go. With convenient hip belt pockets, you can keep your essentials like mobile phones and wallets within easy reach.

Safety is paramount, which is why this backpack comes equipped with an integrated whistle for emergencies and a hydration clip to keep you refreshed throughout your journey.

Sierra Designs 

Moving onto another gem from our collection – The Sierra Designs camping backpacks, along with the rest of their range are created for the easiest and most enjoyable camping experience.

The strength these bags provide thanks to their tear-resistant material ensures they won’t give way no matter how rough things get.

A key feature of Sierra Designs backpack is their ability to allow better weight distribution across your body instead of all pressure resting solely on your shoulders - goodbye shoulder pain.

Think about this - you're hiking on a hot summer day. Having constant access to water isn't just handy, it's life-saving. Sierra Designs gets that. They offer backpacks with built-in hydration system pockets. 

Valley & Peak brings you first-rate camping backpacks from top-quality brands. These are recognised for their sturdy, stylish designs packed with cutting-edge features. With the light but tough builds and rip-resistant fabric paired with improved weight balance - your camping trips just got a whole lot more comfortable.

Sierra Designs flex capacitor

The Sierra Designs Flex Capacitor 60-80 Backpacking Pack is available in small-medium and medium-large sizes. It’s also available in two colours, dark grey or butterscotch yellow. 

This is the lightweight backpack of your dreams. It’s a versatile backpack that has it all. A bewildering beast of the backpacking world, constructed from durable nylon ideal for rough conditions.

Built with adjustability in mind. You can loosen the expanding horizontal gussets for an additional 15-20L of cargo capacity for when you’re partaking in longer camping trips. There are multiple quick-stash solutions on the straps, sides and bucket lid to store mid-trail essentials. 

However you choose to pack your camping backpack the Y-Flex suspension adds support to this lightweight backpack meaning it can hit well above its weight class.

eagle creek duffel bag

Duffel Bags for Camping

When it comes to camping, duffel bags rarely get the recognition they merit. Duffel bags can be a great asset when camping, providing you with plenty of storage and flexibility.

Picture this: You're planning an extensive trip, needing more than just a tent and sleeping bag. Perhaps you have climbing gear or extra clothing layers for those unpredictable weather changes. Here's where the humble camp duffel shines through.

Camp duffels come in various sizes to suit different needs - from XLarge 120L options that could practically fit half of your house contents (okay, maybe not quite) down to nifty 35L versions perfect for quick weekend trips.

Check out our Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler 130L Wheeled Duffel Bag available in glacier blue, charcoal, earth red, and safari brown to suit all aesthetics. Whether you’re going camping or hitting the airport this bag has you covered. 

This duffel bag is ideal for transporting valuables, and all your holiday essentials. Fitted with a heavy-duty grab handle and heavy-duty wheels, ideal for easily transporting big loads across campsites. 

The large U-shaped opening makes it easy to locate exactly what you need without rummaging through your bag. The included storage sack also doubles up as a packing cube helping you to organise your belongings. 

The abrasion-resistant material ensures your bag will last the test of time. Untuck the straps to carry like a backpack, ideal for hands-free travelling. Be ready for any adverse weather conditions with the water-repellent material. 


If there's one thing every camper appreciates about a good quality camping duffel—it’s rugged durability—especially when facing rough terrain or extreme weather conditions while travelling off beaten tracks.

The sturdy materials used make these bags tear-resistant; hence no matter how much abuse they go through during transit (we’re looking at you airlines), rest assured knowing everything inside remains safe and secure.

Comfortable Portability

Duffel bags for camping are not just about storing your gear—they're also designed with portability in mind. The inclusion of padded shoulder straps transforms these duffels into backpacks, offering you the convenience of carrying them hands-free.

With this hybrid design, you can easily zip through crowded airports or tackle tough trails without giving up on comfort.

Camping duffel bags, often underappreciated, are a real game-changer for your outdoor escapades. They're like portable closets with their impressive storage space. Built tough, they can handle harsh conditions while safeguarding your gear. Let's not forget the bonus of padded shoulder straps for hands-free carrying - perfect for those on-the-go moments.

Lumbar Packs for Camping

A good lumbar pack can transform your camping experience. With a well-chosen pack, you're not just carrying your gear; you’re securing comfort and convenience throughout your journey.

The Essentials of Lumbar Packs

Lumbar packs aren't merely storage devices; they embody a camper's lifeline out there in the wilderness. A reliable pack safeguards essentials like snacks, first-aid kits, and maps - basically, everything you need to get by when venturing outdoors.

These packs are small but mighty. They come with unique features such as ample storage space without bulkiness (thanks to smart compartmentalisation), durability against rough weather conditions or tough terrains, as well as easy accessibility so that important items remain within arm’s reach whenever needed. 

Lightweight Camping Backpacks

The magic of a great camping trip often lies in the journey, not just the destination. To truly savour the journey, you need equipment that won't burden your shoulders. That's where lightweight camping backpacks come into play.

When it comes to outdoor adventures, every ounce matters. Less weight on your back means more energy for exploring those beautiful trails and mountainsides. 

Aside from making your hikes less strenuous, lightweight packs also help reduce strain on your back and shoulders - no one wants their adventure ruined by aching muscles. Moreover, these types of bags usually offer good storage options without compromising durability or functionality thanks to modern materials like ripstop nylon.

You may also want to check out our travel + luggage section for great ways of packing light for your next camping trip.  

The Benefits of Water Resistance

A crucial factor when choosing any outdoor gear is how well it handles moisture. We all know weather can be unpredictable at times; hence water resistance becomes critical in protecting our essentials during such unexpected situations.

Camping backpacks generally fall under four categories regarding water resistance: Not water-resistant (NWR), Water repellent (WR), Water-resistant (WRS) and Waterproof (WP). Each category serves different purposes based on various environmental conditions encountered while hiking or camping outdoors.

waterproof backpacks table

How To Make The Right Choice

Selecting an ideal camping backpack isn't about going big or small—it's about going 'smart'. The trick lies in understanding what exactly will serve YOUR individual requirements best rather than getting swayed by what seems trendy or popular at first glance.

So where do we start? Size matters—but only if it suits YOU right. Discovering an equilibrium between having all the essential things and not packing on too much bulk is key.

Now, let's talk about design. The right backpack isn't just about looks—it’s got to work well too. Hunt for things like lots of pockets, tough zippers, comfy padded straps, and weatherproof fabric. 

A top-quality camping backpack is more than just a bag. It needs to be robust, spacious yet compact, and designed with camper-specific features for maximum convenience. Remember - choosing the right pack isn't about following trends or going big; it's about finding what suits your individual needs best.

gregory black backpack

Day Time Exploring

Taking a day pack with you camping is a brilliant way of storing essentials during excursions and day trips. 

Our range of exclusively crafted day packs provides all-day comfort even when fully loaded thanks to their adjustable straps and ergonomic design.

Camping backpacks with multiple compartments allow you to separate wet clothes from dry ones while ensuring none of your essentials get lost at the bottom because everything stays neatly organised within reach through cleverly designed internal dividers as well as exterior pockets.

Our day packs are tough and often water-resistant, perfect for anyone who wants to take on the great outdoors without having any worries about their gear not performing. 

Gear and Accessories for Camping Backpacks

While a top-quality camping backpack is crucial, the accessories you pack can greatly enhance your outdoor adventure. From protection against unpredictable weather to somewhere to keep you warm, these essentials are worth considering.

The first thing that comes to mind is a rain cover. The importance of keeping your gear dry cannot be overstated - nobody wants a soggy sleeping bag at night. A rain cover acts like an umbrella for your backpack, shielding it from unexpected showers or heavy downpours.

Speaking of sleeping bags, they're not just about comfort; they're also essential for warmth. Check out our blog ‘Sleep Tight - Finding The Best Lightweight Sleeping Bag’ to help you find the perfect sleeping bag for your trip. 

You’ll also find all important bag organisers, dry bags, hydration systems, and locks in our backpack accessories range. 

A Well-packed Camping Backpack Makes All The Difference

In addition to general camping trips, those embarking on long-distance hiking journeys need specific items in their backpack. An ultralight tent might seem like an extravagance, however, they’re a lot easier to pack and less labour-intensive to carry. 

Another game-changer? Stuff sacks and bag organisers. These smaller pouches help organise everything from cooking utensils to personal hygiene products - so when it's time to cook up some grub or brush your teeth before bed, all you need will be right where it should be: easy access.

Pack heavier items towards the bottom of your backpack and evenly distribute your belongings to ensure your bag is as comfortable as possible to carry. 

Maintaining Hydration While On Trail

No matter how scenic the views may get while trekking through wilderness trails - without proper hydration, you're bound to hit a wall. Hydration systems are designed for exactly this reason: they let you sip on the go without having to stop and dig out a water bottle. It's like having your own personal drink fountain.

Camping Backpack FAQs

What kind of backpack is best for camping?

A lightweight, waterproof backpack with plenty of storage space and adjustable straps works great for camping. 

Is a 40L backpack big enough for camping?

A 40L backpack can suffice if you're going on a short trip. But longer trips might need more capacity to store all your gear comfortably.

What size backpack do you need for overnight camping?

This will depend on your personal comfort level and how much you want to pack. Your backpack needs room for essentials such as food, clothing, shelter and a water filtration kit.

You’re unlikely to need bigger than a 40L backpack for one night if you pack lightly. 

What size backpack for wild camping?

If it's wild or backcountry camping we're talking about, then consider packs from 65-75 litres because they've ample room to hold extra provisions required in remote locations.

Our journey through the world of camping backpacks has been quite an adventure. We've scaled peaks with our high-quality brands, unravelling their unique charms.

We've discovered how duffel bags can be a camper's best friend and explored designs specifically to hike the best trails. Lightweight options were tackled too - every hiker’s dream come true!

Diving deeper into functionality, we discussed water resistance levels crucial to outdoor excursions. We even dipped our toes into the realm of camping gear and accessories that make your trip smoother.

Your perfect pack is out there, waiting for you to grab it and enjoy your best camping trip yet! For more information on all things camping backpacks, outdoor gear, and adventures in nature get in touch with a friendly member of our team at support@valleyandpeak.co.uk. Our expert team at Valley & Peak will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.  

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September 27, 2023 — Jim De'Ath