Hydrapak are hydration experts, dedicated to designing and producing performance hydration systems for over 20 years. Their mission is to help backpackers achieve peak performance by offering superior hydration solutions.

Founded in 2001 in Northern California, HydraPak has grown to become the leading original equipment manufacturer of reservoirs and soft flasks globally. Hydrapak's expertise in hydration sets them apart by focusing on providing the right solution for each customer.

Hydrapak relentlessly innovates to address a range of unique challenges, ensuring that each athlete receives exactly what they need to perform at their best. Hikers rely on Hydrapak products in the harshest environments. Their products are designed to perform and be reliable every time. Hydrapak stands behind their products with category-leading warranty service, addressing and resolving every product defect.

So if you’re in search of quality and versatility, Hydrapak delivers. From collapsible water bottles that save space in your backpack to hydration reservoirs that provide a steady flow of hydration on the go, their products are the epitome of reliability and functionality.



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