As part of a dedicated 50-person team of product developers and authentic travel experts, Lifeventure is committed to supplying top-tier expedition gear. Driven by their own passion for adventure, the Lifeventure team understands the demands of the journey, ensuring their gear is perfectly suited for the task.

Rooted in British design, Lifeventure products are crafted using the latest materials and techniques, resulting in gear that combines durability with innovation. Each design is meticulously thought out, providing adventurers with the tools they need to maximise their experiences, whether embarking on grand expeditions or intimate getaways. Lifeventure's mission is to empower individuals to embrace the freedom and confidence that comes with living adventurously, offering exceptional travel and outdoor products that enhance every adventure, big or small.

"As a young world traveller 25 years ago, I didn’t enjoy being weighed down by too much gear. I needed lightweight, functionality, and the liberty that brings. I returned home inspired to make travelling a better experience for others. Our first products were a range of strong, lightweight travel wallets, designed to fit multiple currencies, passport and tickets. Those original ambitions are embodied in all the travel accessories we develop – the freedom to feel alive, to experience your adventures confidently, stepping lightly on the planet and absorbing the world of inspiration around you, wherever you are." - Mark Cobham - Lifeventure Founder