For over a century, Optimus has been synonymous with reliable outdoor stoves and innovative accessories. Founded in Stockholm in 1899, the company has continually set technical standards in the industry and earned numerous awards, becoming a trusted choice for countless expeditions.

Optimus stoves, including gas, multifuel, and hybrid models, are preferred by many demanding users. The tradition of the Optimus name ensures that its products are continuously refined for enhanced performance. 

Whether for camping, bivouacs, or expeditions, Optimus outdoor cooking gear is designed to be reliable and stylish, quickly becoming a beloved part of any adventure.

Since 2007, Optimus has been part of the Katadyn Group, a global leader in self-sufficient nutrition and drinking water supply solutions. The Katadyn Group serves the outdoor and marine industries, as well as industrial and municipal needs, with a strong customer base in humanitarian aid and the military.