Sewn in footbox? Lightweight? Well this short guide will help you make that right choice!

In order to accommodate a wide range of sleepers, these quilts differ enough to make your decision easy. Each of the variants are unique but the differences may remain subtle. Most of the variations are with the zips, footbox and baffle designs. Whether you're looking for the lightest possible quilt or a versatile hybrid these options will tick the boxes for you.

The Original. The Classic

The Revelation is the bestselling quilt and a favourite of long distance hikers. On warm nights, It can lay completely open like a blanket, allowing you the ability to kick out a leg or reposition or your arms. On cold nights, zip up the ¼ length zipper and use the drawcords to cinch close the footbox. This keeps out drafts, and ensures that your feet stay toasty warm!


Best for active sleepers who need a quilt that can handle a wide range of temperatures.

Key Features: Adjustable footbox & ¼ length zipper
Weight: A 20° Regular/Regular 850FP weighs 639g


The Lightest

The Enigma is the lightest quilt. With a sewn closed footbox and no zippers, its minimalism meets ultralight warmth. The sewn closed footbox provides a bit more structure than the Revelation.


Best for gram counters and those with cold feet!

Key Features: Sewn closed footbox & no zipper
Weight: A 20° Regular/Regular 850FP weighs 600g

If you are struggling for ideas or can't find that perfect combination, please reach out to me in the usual places - @valleyandpeakuk on Instagram or on for email.

Jim - Valley and Peak

July 17, 2022 — Jim De'Ath