This a typical gear list which I use for one or two nights when backpacking in the UK.  I adjust some of the items according to my inclination or weather forecast prior to the trip. This sort of list I have refined over the years and I have included links, (items that are underlined) where we sell a particular item on our on-line store.  Items that we do not stock are marked* and I have included a link to the manufacturers website.  You can use this list for longer trips as well, generally you might need a bit more clothing, but the increased weight is going to be down to extra food and probably a larger backpack.

Some items, often my favorites are no longer available.  This is very much a Fast and Light Gear list but there is enough comfort in the list for most. Some hard core backpackers will ditch a few items to make it lighter. I have not weighed some of the small bits and pieces but they are included in the final total.  Alternatives suggested may bring the weight slightly over the 6 Kg.

Total weight of food of 636 g is included in the total and is enough for an overnight backpack including one main meal, breakfast, snacks, tea and coffee. I tend to snack during the day and don't stop for a 'proper lunch' as such, so your food quantity and weight may be more than mine. No water or fuel is included in the weight. I know some people exclude food from their gear lists but, I have included food.

The OMM Trio Pouch is mounted on my chest, an item I always take with me on a backpack, I have not included this in the weight, as it mainly carries my Sony A6500 camera with a Sigma 16mm Wide Angle Lens, so maybe optional for some people as they may only carry a mobile in their pocket for photos.  The Pacerpole Trekking poles I don't count as carrying because they are being used all the time while walking.

Assumptions made

This list is for backpacking in the UK during the  3 seasons period of April until generally mid September, although if the weather is mild either side of these dates it will be OK. It is assumed that weather will be mainly fair and mild with nights dropping no lower than 5-6 C and in the height of summer with warm weather probably not dropping much less than 8 C even in the mountains.

For Spring days and nights  - I would use a Quilt or Sleeping bag that took me down to 2-3°C and add some clothing to supplement if colder to wear in the evening and inside the sleeping bag/quilt. I open up the foot box of my quilt stick my head through in and I have an extra layer of insulation at no added weight.


PreTents CoastWing Tarp - 6 pegs included  - 350g

Valley and Peak Ultra J Zip Bivy - 230g

4  x 6.5 " Lawson Titanium Tent Stakes for Ultra Bivy- 26g

2 x Easton Backpacker 9"  tent Pegs - 30g

TOTAL - 636 g


Alternatives with 2 skin tents

Might be useful in high midge season or those who prefer more protection.

Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL2 - 1020g

PreTents -Soloist - 960g

Sierra Designs High Side 1 - 1100g


Valley and Peak Regular Length/Wide Width Classic Quilt with 10D Fabric inside and out and 133g/m2  Climashield Apex  insulation good to around 5C - 514g

Sea to Summit Ultralight Insulated Mat Regular in V & P stuff sack carried in DCF packing cube - 480g

Sea to Summit Aeros Premium Pillow Large - 79g

Sea to Summit Compression dry sack 70D eVent 10L - 129g  (Contains Classic Quilt, Aeros Pillow, spare socks, spare boxer shorts, Light top + bottoms for sleeping, Petzl torch).  I tend to use the higher grade of dry sack because they last longer, are more robust and have a high level of waterproofness - 10,000 mm HH in the case of this dry sack. The dimensions of the dry bag containing the above when compressed is 28cm H x 18 cm W and fits horizontally at the bottom of the backpack.

*Piece of 3mm CC foam mat for sitting on and can be used as an emergency mat should you have an issue with any sleeping mat. Worth carrying as sleeping on a flat mat is no fun. This has happened to me with at least 3 well known brands of sleeping mat over the years - 67 g

Alternatives for sleeping.

Sierra Designs Cloud 800 35 - 660g

I have included The Cloud as this is a zipperless sleeping bag and great for mild weather.  You can throw open easily on warm nights. A mid point between the Valley and Peak Classic Quilt and a full - on sleeping bag

Big Agnes Torchlight UL 30 -  840g  For those who like a traditional mummy style, the Torchlight UL series has expandable panels to give more room when you need to.

Alternative Sleeping mats

Klymit Insulated Static V Ultralight SL - 451g

Great value for a warm, lighweight sleeping mat with a R value of 4.4

Big Agnes Insulated AXL Air Regular - 371g

With a R-Value of 3 this will be good for all but the coldest weather


TOTAL - 1269 g



Sierra Designs Flex Capacitor 25-40L - 1130g

*OMM Trio Map Pouch -  130g

Total weight of pouch (chest mounted and fits many backpacks) with items  shown in photo below - 900g

Items carried in OMM Pouch. Sony A6500 with Sigma W.A. Lens. Spare camera battery. Garmin InReach Sat Communicator. Adventure UL Med Kit with medicines. Aloksac for Iphone


Vargo Titanium Ti-Lite 750 Mug/Cook Pot - 117g

Vargo Triad Multi - Fuel Stove - 30g

Vargo Aluminium Windscreen - 38g

SOTO Pocket Torch (Lighter) XT Extender - 50g


All the items above fit into the Vargo Ti - Litre 750 

Other items carried else where in backpack

Vargo Fuel bottle  in side pocket- 28g

Kupilka Spork 225 in packing cube- 16g

Tetra Drip UL Coffee Dripper PP  in packing cube- 12g

Wildo Fold-A-Cup in packing cube - 25g

Cascade Wild UL table side pocket - 65g

CNOC Vecto 2 x 2 litre 42mm cap for BeFree Filter in side pocket- 176g

*BeFree Filter with 600ml flask  in side pocket- 56g

Total - 613 g


Alternative Stove

SOTO Windmaster gas stove - 67g (+ weight of gas canister).

Eifel Outdoors - Colbatum Remote canister stove -146g (+ weight of  gas canister)

Clothing Carried

*Insulation - Berghaus Hyper Light Hoodie -  This is one of best lightweight insulated jacket I worn in 40 years of hiking. This is not available any longer which is a great pity. I purchased another one when I heard they were being discontinued and will use once my current one has worn out. - 247g

*Rain jacket -Marmot Essence - 192g  Use if I know the weather is going to be largely dry. If it is unlikely to rain or forecasted small showers, I what take a very light, functional jacket, as I'm going to be carrying this most of the time, the Essence fits the bill.

Alternatives- where the forecast suggests more rain I take the *Rab Myriad Neoshell, an excellent Jacket also no longer available! - 413g

*Rain Trousers - Rab Drillium pants - again no longer available! 288g

*Spare socks- 50g

*Light top + bottoms (various brands) for sleeping in- 235g

*spare boxer shorts- 67g

*Extremities Beenie - 28g - no longer available, not doing very well on the clothing front!

*Rab Primaloft Gloves - 40g - Wow still made!

TOTAL - 1147g


Personal Care/ Bits & Bobs

Small Ditty bag (MYOG DCF bag). See photo below. Toilet paper, hand gel, Toothbrush and paste, comb, small swiss army knife, spare cord, gaffer tape, tick remover , pack of tissues, small compass & thermometer, eLITE Petzl headlamp & small mirror.  

TOTAL -  295g

Carried  in DCF packing cube (see photo below).  Cube is stacked onto top of dry bag in the backpack.

Pyramid Biox Aqua Water Treatment  I always take these as a backup to treating water, should my filter fail, I can then ensure I have safe water to drink. The tablets weigh next to nothing.

Pyramid Trek Midge and Tick repellent 60ml

Vargo Titanium Dig Dig Tool - 36g  Excellent tool that is used for digging catholes for toilet trips. Serrated edge cuts through roots. If you have ever struggled to cut through heather roots when digging a hole, (and who hasn't) - this is the 'tool'

Valley and Peak Insulated Pouch. Ideal for keeping batteries and gadgets warm to maximise power output. Double ups as a insulated food pouch - 27g

Other items (including food) stored in the (Tread lite DCF Packing Cell Large - 29g)

Additional items to consider

Add a Midge Head net in midge areas. Don't forget a small plastic bag for rubbish, a J-cloth, sunscreen, ear plugs and face covering/mask such as the Fizan one for travelling to and from your trip.

Total weight 5.9 kg including food for overnight backpack- see above for details. Without food the total is 5.26kg

All packed ready to go

August 07, 2020 — Jim De'Ath