We live in a world that’s driven by constant productivity. If you look on social media you’re met with a perpetual hustle culture. We’ve lost touch with meaningful connections and instead find ourselves doom-scrolling in our scarce free time.

2024 is the year to put the breaks on this kind of grind. We’re all deserving of a well-earned break. A moment of tranquility in our hectic lives. At Valley and Peak, we hope this blog allows you a moment of respite to dream about what the future holds.

A future where you take to the skies, a trusty duffel bag or backpack filled with outdoor apparel and lightweight camping essentials, ready for the adventure of a lifetime - one that’s sure to reset the trajectory of your life and develop an exuberant zest for life.

It’s a fact that humans have an innate yearning for adventure, serenity and self-discovery.

Embracing the essence of long-distance camping

Long-distance camping - a blend of exploration and introspection - epitomises the essence of escapism. Holidays are often too short to truly immerse yourself in the place you’re visiting.

You spend the first few days acclimatising to your new surroundings, then the last few days worrying about the fact it’s nearly time to go home. With long-distance camping you can stay for as long as your home life will allow. It becomes a journey where time feels unhurried, and every step on the unexplored path reveals new possibilities and wonders.

From traversing rugged terrains to navigating serene landscapes, camping in a new country is a diverse and exciting experience. Whether it's the adrenaline rush of conquering a mountain peak or the tranquil whispers of a secluded forest, each moment etches itself into your memories.

As you embark on your journey, Valley and Peak will be a reliable companion, equipping you with essential gear that goes beyond mere functionality. Our commitment to excellence shines through in our carefully-crafted products, where innovation and reliability come together seamlessly.

Gear crafted for the wilderness

The cornerstone of any successful camping expedition is in the gear that accompanies the intrepid outdoor adventurer. At Valley and Peak, our camping gear is a testament to our understanding of the nuanced needs of explorers around the world. 

Your tent is your sanctuary amid the wilderness and we understand the need for lightweight materials, structural robustness and space for all of your gear. We offer everything from spacious family tents that foster togetherness to ultralight tarps for solo adventurers.

Long-distance travel demands gear that withstands the rigours of the trail. Valley and Peak's collection of backpacks and lumbar packs, sleeping bags and quilts, food and outdoor cooking essentials, and adaptable clothing options are meticulously designed to support explorers. Each piece is an embodiment of durability, functionality and comfort, enabling campers to navigate their journey with ease.

Lessons carved in the wilderness

People often assume that intangible things have less value. At Valley and Peak, although we appreciate the worth of our tangible products, we recognise that the lessons learned in nature and the beauty witnessed extend far beyond monetary value.

When exploring the wilderness, you often start to understand the art of being adaptable. Nature has a capricious temperament, which teaches us all about resilience and being able to easily adapt to sudden weather changes and unforeseen obstacles.

These skills will help you to thrive and survive when travelling long-distance. A new place can give you a new perspective, seeing a whole new world, a different culture, a different way of life. This can help to foster a sense of gratitude, a fresh outlook, a freedom you’ve been searching for and an opportunity for self-discovery. Which is why many people travel in the first place.

Every sunrise or scenic walk allows you to marvel at the natural artwork of your chosen destination, cultivating a profound appreciation for the world around you.

Our must-have gear

If you're gearing up for a long-distance camping trip and feeling uncertain about what you need, fear not. Valley and Peak is your go-to destination for top-notch camping gear. We'll have you ready to pack your bag and embrace the allure of the unknown in no time, with our curated list of essential must-haves from reputable and high-quality brands.

Travelling long distances means you may have to pack more than you’re used to in your hiking backpack. That’s where our robust and reliable duffel bags come in.

The Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler Wheeled 110L Duffel Bag is available in four different sizes and an array of colours to suit your style and needs. It’s a great bag for hauling big items to your destination. This bag is soft-sided yet durable, and packs down for easy storage in small spaces. It is made with abrasion-resistant material, perfect for frequent travellers. Water-repellent and with the ability to turn into a backpack for hands-free use, it’s ideal whether you’re travelling for work or leisure, camping or staying in a hotel for a change of scenery.

We love the flexibility that our range of wheeled luggage offers. Whether you’re wheeling it through the airport, converting it into a backpack as you navigate the tube system, or using the top or side carry handle when in a rush, there’s something to suit all needs.

You’ve picked the perfect duffel bag for transporting all of your essentials long-distance, however, you know your trip is going to include plenty of hikes, expeditions and sightseeing.

You need a backpack that can withstand long days and regular use, somewhere to store everything from your rain jacket to your water bottle and phone.

The Gregory Citro 30 backpack (pictured above) features a spacious main compartment and external stretch storage. It offers ample cargo capacity for all-day use. The VaporSpan ventilated suspension system ensures well-ventilated, moisture-wicking support across all terrains, guaranteeing comfort throughout your entire trip.

Take a look at our collection of packing cubes and dry bags to find the ones that will work best for you. They’re a must-have travelling companion. They allow you to organise your belongings into different compartments for quick access. They keep dirty clothes separate from clean ones when you’re travelling between places. A dry bag is essential if your main bag isn’t waterproof and you’re going to be out in wet conditions. 

Packing cubes are also a brilliant way of keeping your documentation safe and organised throughout your trip. The length of your journey and the size of your luggage will decide on the style and the size of packing cubes and dry bags you’ll need.

Rapid dehydration can lead to serious illness. It not only hampers your performance but also undermines your ability to perform at your best. To optimise your performance, it’s crucial to stay adequately hydrated.

It's common to get engrossed in a hike and realise hours later that you haven't taken a drink. Make sure you're well-prepared by having one of our travel water bottles with you.

Choosing just one bottle to highlight from our diverse range is a challenge due to each bottle's unique qualities. Whether you seek a lightweight option that easily packs up between uses or a filter bottle allowing you to drink water from any point along the trail without introducing pesticides into your body, Valley and Peak has the perfect solution for you.

Our personal care range isn’t to be missed either. It includes everything from insect repellent and multi-purpose wilderness wash, to super light towels and first aid kits. 


After a long day travelling or an exciting day seeing the sites of your new location on an exhilarating hike, the last thing you want is to get back to camp and have an uncomfortable night's sleep.

Our collection of travel pillows and sleeping accessories are exactly what you need for a night's sleep that far surpasses your expectations. 

Also don’t forget our range of high-quality camping coffee makers and accessories to help you brew the perfect cup of coffee, even in the great outdoors.

We’ve given you a whistle-stop tour of some of our fantastic products within our travel and luggage category. We recommend you delve a little deeper into what we have to offer to find exactly what you need. 

Through our discussion of the beauty of long-distance travel, our aim is to inspire you to embrace something new this year and venture into camping in more distant locations.

For more information on everything at Valley and Peak, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our friendly, expert team.

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January 23, 2024 — Jim De'Ath