Ever found yourself stumped when it comes to finding the perfect camping gifts? You're not alone. Many of us have felt that sense of panic, wandering through aisles or scrolling endlessly online, trying to unearth a gem for our adventure-loving friends and family.

We've all been there – hoping to stumble upon something practical yet unique, functional but with an element of surprise. Something more exciting than another pair of hiking socks (although you can never really have too many!) So, how do we find these elusive camping gifts?

Table Of Contents+
  1. Ideas for camping gifts
    • High-quality camping gear
    • Hiking equipment gifts
  2. Outdoor cooking essentials
    • Camp kitchen basics
    • The camp stove
    • Camping coffee: brewing up a storm
  3. Sleeping accessories for comfortable camping
    • Choosing the right sleeping bag and quilt
    • Inflatable pillows: a camper's best friend
  4. Hydration essentials on the trail
    • What makes a good water bottle?
    • Taking care of your hydration kit
    • Packing light? consider collapsible bottles
    • Safety first: stay hydrated out there
  5. Comfortable camping clothing
    • Choosing the right base layer
  6. Unique camping accessories
    • Brewing up fun with unique camping mugs
    • Lighting options unleashed
    • Camping comfort with hammocks
  7. FAQs in relation to camping gifts
    • What are standout camping gift ideas?
    • Which camping accessories are available at Valley and Peak?
    • What are essential items for camping?

Ideas for camping gifts

Explore a wide range of camping gift ideas suitable for outdoor adventurers, from camping gear to hiking equipment.

High-quality camping gear

Discover durable yet budget-friendly outdoor gear at Valley and Peak. Whether you're a camper or hiker, our thoughtfully-selected range ensures you get top-quality items without breaking the bank.

When choosing the ideal gift for outdoor enthusiasts, prioritise functionality in a compact size that won't overwhelm their backpacks. Explore our gift ideas, featuring essentials like LED headlamps for efficient lighting during late-night treks or camp setup after sunset.

Hiking equipment gifts

A hike through national parks is incomplete without the proper equipment. Whether embarking on a long weekend camping trip or engaging in day camp activities, reliable gear enhances safety and enjoyment.

If you have someone in your life who explores trails, from snow-capped mountains to lush valleys, consider gifting them something from our hiking equipment line-up. Each item has been personally tried and tested by us, ensuring you can rest assured about its quality and performance.

Outdoor cooking essentials

Nothing quite compares to the delectable aroma of a freshly-made cuppa wafting through the air on a crisp morning at your camping spot. If you're searching for camping gift ideas, outdoor cooking essentials are always appreciated by those who love to explore.

Valley and Peak offers a great selection of gear to help anyone cook up a storm under the stars. From easy-to-use camping coffee makers that can provide an energising start to any day in nature, to compact and efficient stoves designed specifically for use in the outdoors – there’s something here for every kind of camper.

Camp kitchen basics

A good camp kitchen setup should be versatile but simple enough not to weigh down your pack or take up too much space. It needs durable equipment that is resistant against harsh weather conditions but still delivers tasty meals with ease.

You don't need fancy tools or gadgets - basic utensils such as lightweight pots and pans, cutlery sets and bowls will do fine. Remember though that multi-tools are always handy.

The camp stove

When it comes to outdoor cooking during hiking or backpacking, a solid fuel stove can truly elevate the experience. It enables the preparation of one-pot wonders filled with nutritious ingredients, making mealtimes both quick and satisfying.

An ideal stove should be light enough not to put extra weight on your shoulders during long treks, stable enough so that food doesn’t spill over mid-cooking, and also efficient - nobody wants their gas supply running out before dinner time. If you have a friend who frequently plans weekend camping trips, this could be the perfect camping gift they'll actually use.

Camping coffee: brewing up a storm

For many of us, coffee is an essential part of the morning routine and camping shouldn’t be any different. Portable brewing methods such as hand-powered espresso machines or simple filter devices are compact, lightweight and capable of producing a great cup in minutes.

They make an excellent gift for caffeine lovers who also enjoy spending time in nature – combining their two passions into one.


Looking for the perfect camping gift? Outdoor cooking essentials, like easy-to-use coffee makers and efficient stoves, make an adventure in nature even more enjoyable. Keep it simple with basic utensils and a sturdy camp stove for hassle-free meals under dark skies. Don't forget a portable brewing method for that essential morning coffee.

Sleeping accessories for comfortable camping

When camping, a restful night's sleep is absolutely essential. The choice of sleeping accessories can significantly influence the comfort level during your outdoor adventures.

Choosing the right sleeping bag and quilt

When you're exploring the great outdoors, your priorities should be feather-light and compact gear that keeps you snug. At Valley and Peak, we understand you crave excellence for your future escapades. That's why we proudly present a selection of award-winning, top-tier sleeping bags and quilts.

Our extensive inventory caters to treks of all magnitudes. Whether it's a synthetic-filled option or a down sleeping bag, we've got you covered - from a single night beneath the stars to a rain-soaked multi-day expedition.

Feeling a bit lost in the sea of choices? Selecting the right sleeping bag or quilt can be baffling with the myriad of styles, shapes and functions. Luckily, we showcase stellar brands like Big Agnes, Nordisk, and Sierra Designs.

Consider your preferences for performance. Do you require warmth in sub-zero temperatures or do you dream of turning your tent into a snug haven? Explore our range, do your homework, and find the perfect fit but if you’re uncertain about the ideal sleeping bag or quilt for your needs, dive into our Ultimate Sleeping Bag Guide for all the insights or drop us an email - your thoughts matter to us!

Inflatable pillows: a camper's best friend

No discussion about comfortable camping would be complete without mentioning pillows – inflatable ones in particular. When weight and space are at a premium, inflatable pillows offer the perfect solution.

Inflate them for ample head and neck comfort during sleep, and easily deflate and pack them into compact spaces when not in use. Cleaning is a breeze - simply wipe them with a moist cloth.

Hydration essentials on the trail

Ensure you stay well-hydrated during your outdoor escapades with Valley and Peak's comprehensive collection of outdoor hydration systems, encompassing water packs, travel bottles and water filter systems.

Maintaining proper hydration is crucial for both health and safety, and our products are designed to make it effortless to stay refreshed and replenished on the move. Delve into our selection, featuring top-tier outdoor hydration system brands like Hydrapak, Katadyn, and Platypus.

What makes a good water bottle?

Staying hydrated is essential for any outdoor enthusiast during their camping trips. Selecting a dependable water bottle can be an intimidating task with the wide variety of choices available. The best water bottles are durable and made of safe materials like stainless steel or BPA-free plastic. They should have secure lids that don't leak and must be easy to clean as well.

Taking care of your hydration kit

Maintaining your hydration essentials ensures they last longer and perform better. Always rinse out your bottle after use (especially if used with anything other than water) to avoid any build-up or unpleasant odours developing over time. Make sure all parts are thoroughly dried before storing them away - this will prevent any unwanted mould growth inside the cap or straw if present.

Packing light? Consider collapsible bottles

If the packing space is tight (we've all been there!), consider getting a collapsible water bottle instead - these genius inventions flatten down when empty yet hold plenty of fluid when full up.

Safety first: stay hydrated out there

Remember, staying hydrated is crucial on the trail. Regularly sipping water can help prevent the onset of dehydration and its associated health risks. So don't wait until you're thirsty - sip regularly throughout your adventure.

Comfortable camping clothing

The great outdoors is a playground for adventurers. Having the right outfit is essential for any outdoor adventure. From scaling rocky hills to hiking through dense forests or simply lounging by your camper van, the right clothing can make all the difference.

The clothing you don for your camping trip is an essential part of the gear. When choosing camping clothing, comfort should never be compromised. After all, happy campers are those who feel good from head to toe.

Choosing the right base layer

A key part of any outdoor adventurer's wardrobe is a suitable base layer. This foundational piece plays an essential role in regulating body temperature and providing sun protection during sunny day camps.

If weather conditions take a chilly turn or if you're planning some snow peak exploration, fret not. A well-chosen base layer acts as insulation too. By retaining heat close to your skin while wicking away sweat, it ensures that cold doesn't get under your clothes so easily.

Unique camping accessories

Camping trips are always more enjoyable with a touch of comfort and convenience. But, it's the unique camping accessories that add fun to any outdoor adventure.

Brewing up fun with unique camping mugs

No camping trip is complete without a hot brew under the open sky. You’re spoilt for choice with Valley and Peak’s range of distinctive camping mugs which not only serve as functional gear but also make excellent camping gifts.

If your loved one enjoys sipping tea while admiring sunsets or needs that morning coffee kick before hitting the trail again, these mugs will certainly put a smile on their face.

Lighting options unleashed

Lights play an integral role when night falls over your campground, offering safety and setting the mood simultaneously.

Valley and Peak provides unique head torches, LED headlamps and lanterns that cater to these needs. Some have adjustable brightness levels, making them perfect camping gifts for the safety-conscious adventurer who spends time in the great outdoors even after dark.

Camping comfort with hammocks

How can we capture the enchantment and serenity of being in the great outdoors? Explore our range of camping hammocks and immerse yourself in the ultimate relaxation and comfort on your adventure.

Our selection includes hammocks that double up as tarps, providing multi-purpose equipment for your outdoor needs. With brands like Eno, Nordisk and Sea to Summit, our lightweight and portable camping hammocks are perfect for expeditions and outdoor trips, folding up neatly into a small pouch for easy transport.

FAQs in relation to camping gifts

What are standout camping gift ideas?

Explore our curated collection for exceptional camping gifts, including premium sleeping bags and innovative outdoor cooking gear, perfect for those who love outdoor adventures.

Which camping accessories are available at Valley and Peak?

Discover a diverse array of camping accessories at Valley and Peak, from essential hydration tools like water bottles to versatile camping cookware sets. Enhance your camping experience with these unique additions, all available in our camping gifts selection.

What are essential items for camping?

Valley and Peak recommends must-have camping gifts, featuring high-quality tents and shelters and comfortable clothing for your trip.

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