Common Gear Ultralight Repair Kit


For backpackers counting every gram, this UL Repair Kit is the essential companion for on-the-trail repairs. This kit combines a spool of our durable carbon fibre polymer blend with 1 inch of Gorilla tape and 3 yards of Kevlar thread, plus a needle, ensuring you're prepared for any mishaps. Lightweight yet robust, this kit is the minimalist solution for maximum resilience.

Ultralight Design: Full kit weighs just 10g, with a spool itself at 3g.
Versatile Repair Options: Gorilla tape and Kevlar thread for a wide range of fixes.
Compact and Efficient: Everything wraps into one neat, easy-to-carry spool.

Weight: 10g (fully loaded), 3g (empty)
Dimensions: 1.3 x 1.6 x 0.4 (fully loaded) inches
Material: carbon fibre polymer blend (spool)