Luxe Outdoor Megahorn III (Fly Only)



Both inners are the same size, however the summer version has a great amount of mesh to allow for better air flow during hotter months.

Further customer requests have now resulted in the shelter having a pre-formed chimney hatch to suit those who have a desire to use it with a portable chimney wood stove, for those chilly times when camping deep in the snowy woods on a winters day.

To suit the stove campers a velcro ‘Oxford Patch’ allows the pipe to exit the shelter without melting the surrounding material. However we advise you to have a heat collar to go around the chimney pipe where it exits the tent, to protect the shelter material and Oxford Patch from heat damage. You place the stove inside the shelter at entirely your own risk.

If you have no desire to use the chimney feature a supplied rainproof velcro patch simply slots into place sealing the hole and the whole unit can be stored away attached.

The fabric in the shelter meets CPAI-84 the standard for flammability of recreational tents as set by the Industrial Fabrics Association International. The name CPAI stands for Canvas Products Association International, which used to be the name of IFAI.

Fly sheet: 185T Polyester taffeta PU coated. (Fire retardant CPAI-84) HH: 1500mm+ Weight 3kg
Hole cover: Heavy coated polyester Oxford (Fire retardant CPAI-84)
Pole: Aluminium 25mm dia. Max height 240cm. Weight 560g
Pegs: 16 Alloy Y Stake: Weight 200g
Guy cords: 4 x 3.5m Reflective
Colours: Green, Desert and White 

Max Height of door opening: 110cm

Safety advice: Please note your safety is important. Therefore use of a stove in this tent is at your own risk. Please ensure there is always ventilation and air flow when using a stove or heater inside this tent. Make sure the supporting guys are taught and any flammable material is kept clear of your heat source. We recommended that you completely extinguish your fire ensuring there are no smouldering embers before closing off tent vents. This will prevent the build-up of the poisonous carbon monoxide while you sleep. If in doubt, please purchase a Carbon Monoxide detector and ensure the batteries are always in good working order.

  • Top tips for a stable shelter in all weathers

    If the supporting pole sinks at any stage the material will lose all the tension and the tent can become unstable in high winds, with the possibility of the pole moving. The common tip here is to cut a tennis ball in half and use each half at either end of the pole. It prevents the pole from sinking and also reduces the pressure on the peak. Once this is in place, applying tension on all the surrounding guys will maintain tension throughout the night. Some use Marmite caps or Rebar Mushrooms.

    In excessive wet weather we have had occasional reports of the supplied guys slipping in the cleats. A simple overhand knot will stop this.

  • Seam sealing the tent

    As the silicone tents are designed without seam taping, we recommend user to apply seam sealing on the outside seam of flysheet where necessary (Mainly around the crown area). Along the horizontal stitching around the vent. Down the zip and 'inside' the guy loops and top loop. (Pull apart with your fingers) Anywhere water can gather is a potential point of issue if the tent will be subjected to prolonged rainfall or a persistently wet environment.