Pure Clear Life Filter Pouches


The Life Filter® Pouches have been designed to give the user of the Life Filter® the ability to carry water away from the water source.

These water carry pouches have many uses and can be used to filter dirty water from 1 pouch to clean water filtered into the other. A common use is to fill the pouches at the water source and attached them to the Life Filter® when required, for drinking direct through the Life Filter® or used for clean cooking water. They are light weight, small and fold down and can be held in place with the mini carabiner. The 3 layered material means it is strong and durable and boasts a heavy duty seem seal, enabling the pouch to be squeezed under pressure pushing water through the Life Filter® at a fast rate without rupturing. Weighing in at only 26grams these pouches are a fantastic light weigh alternative to carrying heavy water bottles.

  • Features

    Each pack can hold 480ml of dirty water ready for filtration, or hold pre filtered clean water.
    Part of the Life Filtration System - these pouches attach to the bottom of the Life Filter®. Use one pouch for dirty water and filter it through the Life Filter® into the second pouch to carry the clean filtered water.
    Alternatively attach a large bottle of dirty water to the Life Filter® and then filter the water into both water pouches giving you 2 x 480ml of clean, virus free drinking water.
    Can be used to carry dirty water away from the source rather than having to drink direct from the source.
    Can be used to provide contaminate and virus free, clean safe cooking water.
    Each pouch comes with a mini carabiner for easy accessibility.
    Each pouch can be rolled down and held in place by the carabiner meaning when empty the pouch take half the space up in your backpack.
    Your purchase makes a difference, for every product purchased Pure Clear Filters provides 1400 litres of pure, clean and safe drinking water to those that need it most.

  • Specifications

    Colour - Clear
    Size - 270mm x 120mm x 30mm
    Capacity - 480 ml
    Weight - 26 Grams
    Mouthpiece - Polyethylene
    Handle - N/A
    Lid - Polypropylene
    Body - Polyethylene
    Dishwasher safe - Yes
    Included - 2 x Life Filter Pouches, 2 x mini carabiners
    Filter Life - N/A