Tetra Drip 01S Ultralight Coffee Dripper Stainless Steel

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The Tetra Drip Collapsible Coffee Dripper is great little coffee dripper that weighs just a few grams and stores flat. Its minimalist design means it takes virtually no space, but the same time helping you to make great coffee outdoors.   Take it with you when staying in hotels or hostels when you want to enjoy your favourite coffee blend.

  • Lightweight, easy to assemble, combines stability and portability
  • Tiny when folded down, takes up virtually no space
  • Brews up to 1.5 cups of coffee, compatible with cone filters
  • Can be placed on a cup/bottle with a mouth diameter of 48-95m

  • Re-usable plastic storage pouch
  • Comes with 3 conical filter papers to start you off

The Tetra Drip also comes in Plastic as well. See here for details.


    Weight:  25g

    Folded size: L = 10cm ( 4")  x  W= 7 cm (2.75") x  D = 0.5cm (0.2")

    Material: Stainless Steel

    Filters:  We use Hario V60 Dripper 01 paper filters

    Making Coffee outdoors with the Tetra Drip

    How to assemble your Tetra Drip