Vesuv Hotspot 40 Alcohol Stove


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As simple as it is powerful: the VESUV HOTSPOT 40 Outdoor Alcohol Stove offers a lot for its 16g of weight. The carbon felt absorbs up to 40 ml of any alcohol based fuel and is spill-proof. Easily lights up, easily blown out and by screwing the lid the remaining fuel is safely stored for next use.

The non-woven carbon felt resists temperatures up to 1300°C, that’s much higher than the flame’s temperature, which guarantees a long lifetime without deterioration.

  • Specifications

    Case materials: Aluminium
    Absorption material: Carbon felt
    Dimensions: D60 mm x H22 mm
    Volume: 40 ml
    Weight: 16 grams
    Allowed fuel: All alcohol based liquid fuels

  • How To Use

    Open lid of the stove and carefully pour in a maximum of 40 ml of liquid alcohol-based fuel.
    Place the stove on a non-flammable surface to ensure safety.
    Before lighting the stove, ensure that any spilled fuel has been removed or has evaporated completely.
    Once ignited, the stove will immediately burn at full power.
    To extinguish the flame, blow firmly or cover the stove with a flat non-flammable object. DO NOT USE the stove’s lid, as it may damage the plastic gasket inside.
    After the stove has cooled down, it can be closed using the screw lid to preserve any remaining fuel for future use.
    Before storing the stove for an extended period, ensure that there is no fuel remaining inside.
    WARNING: Only use the stove in well-ventilated areas. Exercise extreme caution with yourself, others, and your surroundings, as you are dealing with open fire and flammable liquids.