Common Gear Ultralight First Aid + Repair Kit


The First Aid & Repair Kit from Common Gear is the ultimate safety net for long-distance hikers. Housed in a weatherproof DCF fabric pouch with a reliable YKK zipper, this kit blends first aid essentials with our ul repair kit to ensure both you and your gear can handle the unexpected. At a mere 59 grams, it's the comprehensive choice for peace of mind without the weight.

  • Dual Purpose: Equipped for both first aid and gear repair needs.

  • Weatherproof and Secure: Protects contents with durable ecopack fabric and a water-resistant zipper.

  • Lightweight and Comprehensive: Offers extensive aid and repair options at a backpack-friendly weight.

  • Included in the First Aid + Repair Kit

    Pouch: Durable, waterproof DCF fabric water-resistant zipper

    Tapes and Patches:
    1 yard of Leuko tape
    4 Tenacious tape patches
    2 Tear Aid patches for inflatable repairs

    First Aid Supplies:
    2 packets of Neosporin
    4 Hydroseal bandaids
    1 large gauze pad
    8 alcohol wipes
    2 bite/sting relief wipes
    10 water purification tablets

    UL Repair Kit Components:
    Carbon fibere polymer blend spool
    1 yard of Gorilla tape
    3 yards of Kevlar thread
    Sewing needle
    1g Super Glue

  • Specifications

    Weight: 59g
    Dimensions: 5.2 x 3.4 x 0.8 inches